ActiveTrak Inc. Launches GadgetTrak® Mobile 3 Beta Through 2,300 Wireless Retailers


ActiveTrak™ Inc., a leader in advanced tracking and data security and protection software for mobile devices, today announced the launch of a beta version of its GadgetTrak® Mobile 3 security solution through 2,300 wireless retailers.

The software is a significant update to its mobile security offerings and is the company’s first pilot project to distribute its solutions directly at the point-of-sale. In the first week over 6,000 new annual device subscriptions were added to the system with numbers expected to grow exponentially as the program rolls out to more stores in the coming months.

In addition to providing location data for a lost or stolen smartphone,the patent-pending GadgetTrak Mobile 3 includes a number of security features, such as remote backup and data wipe. Additionally, GadgetTrak® Mobile 3 is tamper-proof, preventing thieves from modifying the application settings or simply removing the SIM card to avoid being tracked.

“We’re excited about this beta launch for GadgetTrak Mobile 3,” said Ken Westin, ActiveTrak founder and CEO. “It provides peace of mind for customers by ensuring their data is secure if their phone is lost, stolen or damaged.”

During this pilot GadgetTrak Mobile 3 is currently purchased at the point-of-sale and bundled along with a phone warranty product that provides better margins for the wireless retailer. The mobile security service is a strong value-add for consumers to not only protect their devices, but also the data that resides on them.

Key features of GadgetTrak Mobile 3 include:

  • Remotely wipe the device — Remotely wipe personal data stored on your device such as photos, email, contacts and SMS messages
  • Secure data backup — Encrypt photos and contacts using government grade encryption (AES 256) and back them up in a secure location
  • Signal an alarm — Signal an alarm that cannot be disabled, even if the phone is in silent mode
  • Advanced positioning — Locate your device using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and cell tower positioning, even if the device is indoors
  • Tamper proof — Once activated, the software settings cannot be modified on the device and notifies the device owner if the SIM card changes
  • Alarm — Trigger the device to emit a loud siren that can be a theft deterrent or help find a missing phone even if it is set to silent mode

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About ActiveTrak Inc.
ActiveTrak Inc. is a leading provider of innovative and patented tracking and data protection solutions for laptops, smartphones, and portable media devices. The company’s consumer product, GadgetTrak®, delivers the most advanced theft recovery software available for consumers and businesses today. ActiveTrak not only provides the technology to recover and protect data on devices, but also recovery assistance. The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For more information visit

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