AgeCheq Unveils First COPPA Compliance Technology for Facebook Games Using Adobe AIR

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With Adobe ActionScript support, AgeCheq dramatically eases path to COPPA compliance for three million+ AIR developers

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YORK, PA. February 23, 2015 /MobilityWire/ — Today, AgeCheq ( announced the immediate availability of its ActionScript software development kit (SDK), designed to ease COPPA compliance for desktop and mobile app developers using Adobe’s AIR software development tools. AIR is a cross-operating-system runtime used by over 3 million developers to deploy rich Internet applications on a broad range of devices including desktop computers, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones.

On the Facebook platform, Adobe AIR’s market share is impressive: 24 of the top 25 games were built using AIR, and 385 million people play them in a given month. SGN’s “Cookie Jam,” which Facebook recently named the 2014 “Game of The Year,” is built with AIR, and has garnered over 5 million online players since its launch in May 2014. By using the ActionScript SDK to integrate AgeCheq’s compliance service, AIR developers can easily add COPPA compliance elements to their games.

With the addition of the ActionScript SDK, AgeCheq now offers developers eight distinct SDKs that ease COPPA compliance including Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone 8, HTML5, Cordova, and SDKs for the Unity and Corona game engines. The ActionScript SDK is an Adobe ShockWave Component file (SWC) that works with any Adobe Flash, Flex, or AIR project.

“While we have built our business by focusing on helping mobile game and app developers to comply with the 2012 update of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which targeted them specifically, we recognize the vast number of child-focused websites and Web apps that also require COPPA compliance, including the Facebook platform,” said Roy Smith, AgeCheq’s CEO. “It is widely known that millions of children under 13 have Facebook accounts under a falsified age, in violation of Facebook’s terms of service. Game developers with child audiences cannot simply rely on Facebook’s TOS to isolate them from their responsibility to protect child privacy.”

AgeCheq’s COPPA compliance service is a cloud-based “common consent mechanism,” designed to optimize parental-publisher interaction while accurately delivering the notices and approvals required by the COPPA regulation. Using any of AgeCheq’s SDKs, a developer can integrate, test and deploy a COPPA compliant version of an app or game in less than a day. Like all of its other SDKs, the new Adobe ActionScript SDK is available today on AgeCheq’s developer portal at

AgeCheq will be exhibiting its COPPA compliance technology (including the ActionScript SDK) at booth 1844 of the 2015 Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) on March 4-6 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. More information is available at

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AgeCheq delivers COPPA privacy disclosure, regulatory compliance and management services to mobile app and game publishers and website operators. As the game industry’s premier CaaS (compliance as a service) provider, AgeCheq’s single sign-on parental consent service streamlines compliance for both parents and publishers. AgeCheq is a unit of PrivacyCheq, an industry leader delivering innovative technology solutions covering the intersection of privacy and mobile devices. For more information visit

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