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New Cloud Service Delivers Mobile-Friendly Terms Of Service (TOS), End User License Agreement (EULA), Privacy Policies, and Age Gates With Minimal Coding

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YORK, PA. March 2, 2015 /MobilityWire/ — Today, AgeCheq ( announced announced CliqWrap, a new cloud-based service that delivers legal contract and privacy notices to mobile app and game users and documents their acceptance, as required by a variety of state and federal laws. With CliqWrap, publishers can add beautifully formatted, mobile-friendly legal notices with user acceptance and age gates to their apps simply by adding a few lines of code.

For mobile app publishers, CliqWrap elegantly solves a legal problem that has worsened as mobile devices have become the primary market for software. While the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores each provide a blanket legal Terms of Service (TOS) agreement that covers all apps, these generic platform “click wrap” agreements do not offer the same degree of legal protection as individualized TOS and EULAs do.

While a few billion-dollar publishers have the resources to solve this problem for themselves, the vast majority of app publishers have no specific legal protection in place. The CliqWrap service allows publishers of all sizes to deliver world-class legal and privacy notices at a very low cost.

With CliqWrap, privacy policies are delivered “just in time” as required by the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA). For publishers who need to know the age of their users, CliqWrap also provides an optional integrated age gate, which further streamlines the user acceptance process.

“As the mobile app industry continues to mature past its “wild west” phase, proper legal and privacy notices have become increasingly important,” said Roy Smith, AgeCheq CEO. “We built CliqWrap to give app publishers a simple way to bring their apps in line from a legal standpoint with all of the other software we all use every day.”

“With this system, a publisher can maintain a single TOS, EULA and privacy policy and deliver users wonderfully readable and transparent notices, regardless of the device or platform they use to view the notice,” added Smith. “That’s a big advance when compared with today’s norm of nonexistent user contracts and hard-to-find privacy policies.”

Behind the scenes, CliqWrap’s backend is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to handle hundreds of millions of notices per day. The CliqWrap service is priced by usage, with several tiers that cater to different categories of publishers. The service also works for websites and Web apps, requiring just one line of code for integration.

AgeCheq will be showcasing the CliqWrap services from booth #1844 at the 2015 Game Developer’s Conference, March 4-6 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. More information is available at

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