WorldCell Takes Data Roaming Global with Aicent


Aicent eXchange services deliver GRX and CRX services for WorldCell’s Inter-Standard Roaming Service for wireless carriers.


  • WorldCell, a leading provider of turnkey technology solutions to wireless operators, has selected two of Aicent’s Roaming eXchange services for the company’s inter-standard data roaming offering.
  • WorldCell’s Inter-Standard Roaming (ISR) service allows travelers with service on one type of cellular phone network to use data services such as email and mobile Internet on their mobile phones when using cellular networks of a different type, greatly extending their ability to stay connected worldwide.
  • Aicent’s CDMA Roaming eXchange (CRX) and GSM Roaming eXchange (GRX) services are critical components of WorldCell’s network architecture,
  • Aicent’s eXchange services give WorldCell global reach for inter-standard roaming between networks based on CDMA – the most popular mobile standard in North America – and GSM – the most popular mobile standard in the rest of the world.
  • WorldCell’s ISR is the industry’s first fully hosted solution offering with integrated GSM roaming footprint, consolidated billing and clearing functionality, thanks in large measure to Aicent’s technology.
  • Aicent’s CRX and GRX services connect to CDMA and GSM operators worldwide with quality connections and the ability to provision these connections quickly and reliably.
  • Aicent’s eXchange services offer mobile operators highly-scalable solutions for roaming, authentication and network interconnectivity.
  • Both Aicent’s CRX and GRX services are cost-efficient solutions that enable CDMA and GSM operators to offer a high-performance worldwide data roaming services with secured private IP network infrastructure and world class support.



Lokdeep Singh, vice president of engineering at WorldCell.

“Wireless operators understand that people depend on their mobile phones just as much when they are traveling as they do when they are in their home town on their home networks. But just as much as they depend on their phones, they also expect them to simply work when they turn them on, which is why inter-standard roaming is an essential service for wireless operators to provide their customers. WorldCell evaluated and tested a great deal of technology before determining which to integrate with our Inter-Standard Roaming service. We found that Aicent’s CRX and GRX roaming eXchange services were some of the most scalable and reliable on the market.”


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Serving more than one billion mobile users around the world, Aicent Inc. is a leading provider of data network services and solutions for global mobile operators. To enable interoperability between Aicent customers and other networks, Aicent operates one of the world’s largest GPRS and 3G network exchanges, connecting to over 50 operators, including four of the world’s five largest. Through extensive peering arrangements, the Aicent network reaches nearly all GPRS/3G operators around the world. Aicent also operates integrated mobile messaging services, including one of world’s first and largest multimedia messaging exchange, and offers other value-added services to help carriers maximize revenue opportunities. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Aicent has regional offices in Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. For more information, please visit:


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