Aicent’s mBridge Chosen by Smart Communications for Global MMS Delivery

mBridge enables Philippine operator to provide subscribers with worldwide multimedia message delivery to any mobile phone

Aicent Inc. ( announced today that Smart Communications, the Philippines’ leading wireless services provider, has selected mBridge to enhance multimedia message service (MMS) delivery for their over 35.2 million subscribers.

MMS lets mobile subscribers send messages with pictures and videos as easily as they do text messages. As a large majority of new mobile phones come equipped with both still and video cameras, mobile operators have experienced increased demand for rich content messaging from customers.

SMART is using both Aicent’s MMS Gateway service along with the enhanced mBridge Virtual Delivery. The MMS Gateway Service provides SMART with a convenient and efficient way to rapidly establish global MMS interoperability with reliable, cost-effective commercial MMS delivery and termination capabilities, while mBridge takes the service one step further by offering subscribers a way to easily send multimedia messages to any non-enabled MMS phone, including the iPhone, across any network at any time. With mBridge, SMART subscribers can now send pictures and videos to friends and family anywhere in the world.

The growing popularity of MMS messaging has rapidly made it an in-demand service for global mobile subscribers. Aicent’s mBridge solution easily allows carriers like SMART to upgrade their messaging infrastructure to enable their subscribers with global MMS delivery, extending multimedia message delivery to phones not equipped to receive MMS messages as well as to subscribers on networks that currently do not support MMS.

Aicent’s mBridge solution complements Aicent’s MMS Gateway service. The MMS Gateway service provides SMART seamless MMS interoperability with over 200 wireless operators on the industry’s largest MMS eXchange while Aicent’s mBridge virtual delivery capability extends MMS delivery to non-interconnected networks.

mBridge works by allowing the recipient to download and reply to incoming MMS messages from a web URL link embedded in an SMS notification. Subscribers who send the message use their normal sending procedures. A new feature of mBridge extends this service even further by letting the subscriber browse the text parts and images on the web or a PC using the same URL, and then download the message if desired via the mobile phone.

“The success Smart Communications has had with our mBridge service proves not only how committed they are to continually offering the most cutting-edge services to their customers, but also how efficient mBridge is for flawless MMS delivery, ” said Lynn Liu, president and CEO of Aicent. “As MMS continues to swiftly gain momentum in the market, SMART can now easily meet this demand from subscribers, enabling them to maintain their leadership role as one of Asia Pacific’s most advanced wireless service providers.”

About Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART)
Smart Communications, Inc. is the Philippines’ leading wireless services provider with 35.2 million subscribers on its GSM network as of end-December 2008. Of its total subscriber base, 20.9 million subscribers are served under the brands Smart Buddy, Smart Gold and Smart Infinity and another 14.3 million subscribers are served through its subsidiary, Pilipino Telephone Corp., under the brand Talk ‘N Text. SMART has built a reputation for innovation, having introduced world-first wireless data services, including mobile commerce services such as Smart Money, Smart Load and Smart Padala. SMART also offers a 3G service, Smart 3G. Its Smart Link and Blue Ocean Wireless services provide communications to the global maritime industry. Another subsidiary, Smart Broadband, Inc., offers a wireless broadband service, Smart BRO. SMART is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippines’ leading telecommunications carrier, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. For more information, visit

About Aicent, Inc.
Serving more than one billion mobile users around the world, Aicent Inc. is a leading provider of data network services and solutions for global mobile operators. To enable interoperability between Aicent customers and other networks, Aicent operates one of the world’s largest GPRS and 3G network exchanges, connecting to over 50 operators, including four of the world’s five largest. Through extensive peering arrangements, the Aicent network reaches nearly all GPRS/3G operators around the world. Aicent also operates integrated mobile messaging services, including one of the world’s first and largest multimedia messaging exchanges, and offers other value-added services to help carriers maximize revenue opportunities. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Aicent has regional offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. For more information, please visit:


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