appMobi Open Sources HTML5-Optimized Frameworks for Mobile Apps


Simple, free API improves on JQuery-based frameworks’ code size, speed, and suitability for mobile apps

appMobi® ( today released two HTML5 javascript frameworks as open source projects. The aUX (appMobi User Experience) frameworks address the need for HTML5 mobile app programmers to quickly and easily create touch-enhanced user interfaces for smartphone and tablet apps.

“Back in 2009, appMobi placed its bet on HTML5 as the unifying technology for mobile and we welcome all Web developers to the mobile party,” said appMobi CTO Sam Abadir.  “As our developer base has grown, we have continually been asked for lighter, faster, more HTML5-optimized UI frameworks than those currently available.  For example, the popular JQuery was originally created for desktop computing and as a result, JQuery Mobile is “page-based,” lacks on-device caching, block-level architecture, fixed headers and footers, and a plug-in architecture, all now considered essential for state-of-the-art mobile development.  In contrast, our aUX frameworks were built specifically for mobile – smaller in size, less than half the code of JQ Mobile, and faster as well, but they provide all these features, even neutralizing known CSS3 bugs on Android devices. Of course, as Open Source projects, they are free for anyone to use.”


The first library, aUX_web.js, provides common functions such as scrolling, password entry, animated carousel selection and multi-button selection for use by anyone coding HTML5 mobile apps, and it does not require the use of the appMobi development platform.  aUX_web.js is useful to any programmers developing mobile apps, regardless of the toolset they are using.


The second library, aUX.js, offers the HTML5 developer easy access to complex-to-program functions like animated screen transitions, inertial scrolling of lists, touch gestures, among others.  aUX.js works within any appMobi app that the user is developing – whether for native iOS or Android, or as a Web app.

The aUX framework code and documentation are available completely free at the appMobi website (

About appMobi

appMobi® provides highly integrated cloud-based tools and services for supporting large-scale developer communities and creating and operating complete mobile application ecosystems.  By leveraging commonly used Web programming languages HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, and the open Web, appMobi’s development tools allow app developers to “write once” and publish anywhere, either in native app stores or via the Web.  appMobi’s turnkey, white label platform-as-a-service offering enables carriers, device manufacturers, and brands to create mobile app ecosystems under their own brand.  For more information visit

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