appMobi’s cloudKey Revolutionizes E-Commerce Security By Eliminating Credit Card Databases


Patent-pending “Distributed Key” technology stores personal information locally, locked with secure keys delivered from the cloud

appMobi® ( today unveiled its secure cloudKey™ authentication technology, and announced cloudKey’s immediate integration into appMobi’s 1Touch “single touch” payment system. 1Touch with cloudKey is ready for use by Web and mobile app developers who seek to offer their users a highly secure and streamlined e-commerce experience. A 1Touch demonstration is available at

The cloudKey technology takes a fresh approach to secure online commerce in which the user’s credit card information is stored only on the user’s device, never in an online database. The private data are stored using 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – the same encryption level approved by the NSA, widely regarded as “unbreakable.” Using a “distributed key” topology, cloudKey stores in the cloud only the decryption keys – information that is valueless without the user’s device and password.

“appMobi’s engineers have long recognized that securing a centralized database is basically impossible – if it’s online, it’s vulnerable to break-in… there’s no way around it,” said Sam Abadir, appMobi’s CTO. “The real breakthrough of cloudKey is the “distributed key” data model – we don’t store anything of value in a centralized database, so there is nothing of value online for thieves to steal. With this advance, cloudKey has eliminated all the tempting targets for the bad guys; even if they could steal appMobi’s entire crypto key database and a user’s device, they’d then have to guess the user’s password, and at most they could get only 1 credit card number. It would be a huge expenditure of effort for very little gain. By keeping private data local on the device, cloudKey makes massive security losses like the recent 77 million account Sony PlayStation network breach impossible.”

In addition to eliminating online database security risks, the 1Touch payment system also offers users a streamlined way to transact mobile and online purchases with a single touch. As Amazon has proven with its 1Click patent, eliminating credit card re-entry is the best way to increase online sales conversions. With the rise of mobile shopping, ease and simplicity are even more important because credit card entry is much more tedious on a mobile device. appMobi’s 1Touch payment system leverages the cloudKey authentication system to provide a more secure, non-infringing alternative to the Amazon 1Click patent.

Abadir continued, “The Web has been at a severe disadvantage in comparison to native apps when it comes to consumers purchasing and making in-app payments – the buying experience on iPhones is so frictionless that consumers are spending like never before. 1Touch was designed to put the Web, whether mobile or desktop, on a level playing field with Apple’s in-app purchasing system when it comes to e-commerce. With all the talk of whether HTML5 provides developers the ability to create apps as good as native ones – it seems the world forgot that it doesn’t matter how good the app is when developers aren’t making money because consumers can’t spend it easily. 1Touch can be used for transactions involving digital or real goods and services, on any Web browser, and the transactions flow through the same shopping carts and payment gateways that are in daily use on millions of Web sites. With 1Touch, the days of the Web being a second-class e-commerce option are over.”

The 1Touch technology offers simple integration with any payment gateway such as PayPal,, and even direct carrier billing. 1Touch has been tested extensively and is compatible with all popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and later, and Safari. Like most cloud services, 1Touch is billed at a nominal fee per transaction, rather than a percentage of the transaction amount. Developers who wish to try the 1Touch system can visit the company’s website for full documentation, sample code, sample apps and instructional videos. (

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