Black Friday for HTML5 Developers is all about Open, Open, Open Source


appMobi gives developers ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ with open sourcing of its key HTML5 technologies

In the first ever Black Friday promotion specifically for mobile application developers, HTML5 powerhouse and open Web proponent, appMobi (, today made available a host of open source code at for the development of mobile applications. appMobi aims to accelerate the industry’s move to HTML5 and the company believes open sourcing its considerable HTML5 development technology will serve to fast-track this effort. Included in the source code appMobi opened-up today are the company’s cross-platform XDK, DirectCanvas, and the game-changing “mobiUs” Web App Browser.

“appMobi believes that no one company should have control over what anyone can say or do on a mobile handset or tablet, and that soon the mobile Web, will be ‘THE’ Web,” says Sam Abadir, appMobi founder and CTO. “Opening up these technologies to developers not only makes the mobile Web as limitless as the imagination; it will also power the HTML5 revolution.”

appMobi’s newly open sourced technologies include:

  • Augmented Reality – Turns the camera view on beneath the web page so that the page can superimpose images on top of “reality”
  • Authentication and Encryption – Includes Oauth, the most common web service authentication for accessing web service APIs like Twitter, as well as ‘Protected Data’, so that web service API keys don’t need to be kept in the clear in JavaScript
  • Bar Code/QR Code Scanner
  • DirectBox2D – the renowned Box2D physics engine, hardware accelerated and exposed through JavaScript
  • DirectCanvas – enhanced graphic rendering for 2D games
  • Display – Better viewport for consistent visual rendering on Android and iOS devices, and orientation locking, disabling auto-shutoff of display, etc.
  • JavaScript Bridge APIs – Accelerometer, analytics, cache, device information, canvas, camera, display, notification, media player, authentication and encryption, geolocation and file transfer
  • MediaPlayer – Multi-channel sound for games, Shoutcast streaming audio player, and video playback of locally cached files for more seamless playback of things like offline videos inside web apps
  • mobiUs – Unique Web App Browser allowing HTML5 Web apps to perform just like native apps
  • Offline Caching – Web app archives for more efficient/faster downloads over mobile, and Dynamic Cache to allow the changing/storage of individual files instead of having to redownload the full web app if there is just a single file change

“appMobi is an advocate for the open Web,” adds Abadir. “By shifting from native apps to Web-based apps the transfer of power is moving from corporations to developers. Offering open sourced APIs will promote the migration of app development to HTML5 and has the potential to improve the overall mobile Web experience through faster downloads, better offline usage and enhanced mobile gaming experiences.”

This first-of-its-kind Black Friday promotion is specifically tailored for HTML5 developers. These software projects will join appMobi’s previous open source releases at the GitHub repository. Download the open source code today directly from appMobi’s website at

About appMobi
appMobi’s development tools and cloud-based services build on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, creating a unified, open ecosystem that competes favorably with “walled gardens” offered by Apple and Google. appMobi’s technology allows mobile app developers to support HTML5 and native app platforms with just one code base, and to deploy and service their apps on multiple platforms, including the open Web. For more information visit

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