appMobi’s directCanvas Powers 10X HTML5 Game Acceleration, Multichannel Sound


SDK released for iOS HTML5 game acceleration, coming soon for Android

HTML5 development powerhouse and open Web proponent, appMobi (, today released a software development kit (SDK) and detailed performance specs of its directCanvas technology. The directCanvas technology includes rendering acceleration, multiSound multichannel sound playback and directBox2D physics acceleration. appMobi created these technologies to eliminate performance and capability barriers that have hampered the growth of HTML5 and the open Web as the ultimate platform for mobile games.

The iOS version of directCanvas was released as open source in November, and today’s SDK release supports the use of directCanvas for HTML5 game development. In the first quarter of 2012, appMobi will release directCanvas for Android, which will speed HTML5 games on a multitude of popular new Android devices like Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid Razr and the HTC EVO 3D.

“We’ve switched all of our iOS games over to use appMobi’s technologies,” said Henrik Dalsgaard, CEO of TweenSoft, a leading HTML5 game developer. “directCanvas really does allow HTML5 games to perform like native games, even on older devices. The other advantage to us is that with HTML5 and appMobi, we can use the same code and build for iOS, Android and for the open mobile Web.”

directCanvas Delivers 10x Speed Improvement in Frame Rate for HTML5 Games

An accepted “rule of thumb” in the gaming industry is that animated games must refresh the screen at least 25 times (frames) per second to create the illusion of smooth motion. To accurately characterize directCanvas acceleration on iOS-based devices, appMobi ran a comprehensive battery of tests on a variety of devices and OS versions. The test results dramatically exceeded the company’s previous claims of a 5X speed improvement.

  • Using iOS Version 5, directCanvas provided an average 1800% acceleration on an iPhone 3GS.
  • On the iPhone 4, 1124% improvement was noted.
  • The dual core iPad 2 and iPhone 4S experienced slightly less acceleration, 728% and 1032%, respectively.
  • DirectCanvas – enhanced graphic rendering for 2D games
  • On older iOS versions, directCanvas provided up to 2000% frame rate acceleration.

Importantly, without directCanvas, none of Apple’s devices were able to deliver 25 frames per second using the unaccelerated Safari WebKit browser.

With appMobi’s directCanvas acceleration, iPhone 4S and iPad2 delivered 35-40 frames per second, while displaying up to 70 animated entities. directCanvas allowed the older iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 to deliver over 25 frames per second while animating 50 entities. Full details of the tests and results are available at

multiSound Provides Low Latency, Multichannel Sound for HTML5 Games

The HTML5 specification was not created as a game delivery platform, and it has a key limitation that has vexed mobile game developers – it can only play one sound at a time. appMobi’s multiSound API gives HTML5 game developers the ability to play as many simultaneous sounds as they wish, limited only by available memory. Designed for ultra-low latency, multiSound caches sound data in memory for instant, lag-free playback.

directBox2D Dramatically Accelerates Physics Calculations

Physics-based games perform many calculations to simulate gravity, inertia and perform collision detection. HTML5 games use JavaScript physics engines such as Box2D to perform these calculations. Because JavaScript is an interpreted language (rather than a compiled language), the extra interpretive processing slows frame rate and reduces the number of possible entities in a game. directBox2D accelerates these calculations 20X by using a high performance compiled physics engine in place of the interpreted one.

These three technologies work together to allow HTML5-based games to deliver the same immersive game experience that users expect from native apps: smooth physics animations, high frame rates and multichannel sound. To download the directCanvas iOS SDK or to get more information on high performance HTML5 game development, please visit

About appMobi

A bold proponent of the open Web, appMobi’s development tools and cloud-based services build on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, creating a unified, open ecosystem that competes favorably with “walled gardens” offered by Apple and Google. In December, appMobi was named “Most Promising Tech Company for 2012” by ReadWriteWeb. appMobi’s technology allows mobile app developers to support HTML5 and native app platforms with just one code base, and to deploy and service their apps on multiple platforms, including the open Web. For more information visit

Editors: High resolution graphics and charts comparing directCanvas acceleration vs. native Safari are available at

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