appMobi Crosses 100 Million Hybrid HTML5 App Starts


Mobile app development platform of choice for over 50,000 HTML5 developers announces new unified cloud pricing

SAN FRANCISCO – MobilityWire® – June 25, 2012

appMobi ( today announced that hybrid apps created with its HTML5 tools have been started over 100 million times, and the number of active HTML5 app developers using its platform has crossed the 50,000 milestone mark. That number represents a 5X increase in the last 12 months, and is indicative of the industry’s increasing shift away from proprietary native app development and toward HTML5, which is the only viable open platform for cross platform mobile app development.

“We committed to HTML5 way back in 2009 and we have worked long and hard to fill in the missing pieces of this emerging development standard, enabling HTML5 to compete on a level playing field with iOS and Android as a mobile platform,” said Dave Kennedy, appMobi CEO. “It is extremely gratifying for us to see tens of thousands of mobile app and game developers flocking to HTML5 and using our development tools to create massively cross platform apps that run on iOS, Android, Facebook and the Open Web. Mobile HTML5 development truly has arrived, and our platform analytics have exposed some encouraging statistics about its growth.”

appMobi HTML5 stats of interest include:

  • All 50,000+ active developers have built at least one app, 25% have created 3 or more.
  • The types of apps created with HTML5 run the gamut: 40% are media, 35% games, 15% retail.
  • Apps created with appMobi have been run over 100 million times across all supported devices.
  • Developers are leveraging appMobi to address multiple platforms: the majority published their apps to both iOS and Android app stores. (Facebook was just added in Q1.)
  • In the past 12 months, the average time needed to complete an HTML5 hybrid app has halved to just 8 weeks.
  • Over half of the developers from a year ago have worked on new apps in the last 30 days.


HTML5 hybrid apps open Facebook as the ideal “Second Platform” for successful iOS developers
While the vast majority of today’s profitable apps were created for the iOS platform with native tools, developers who want to address other app stores face a complete app rewrite. Facebook’s 900 million users and proven ability to monetize via Facebook credits represent a huge upside for app developers who choose to expand their markets with HTML5. From one HTML5 code base, appMobi allows developers to build hybrid app store-ready apps for iOS, Android, Google Play, Facebook, Amazon, Nook, Intel AppUp and Chrome app stores, and, of course, for the Open Web.

Unified mobile cloud services and a new “developer friendly” pricing model
In a move to attract even more iOS app and game developers to adopt HTML5 for cross platform development, appMobi has restructured its numerous cloud services into a single, all-inclusive bundle with new pricing that eliminates the risk for developers looking to add cloud services to their games and apps.

Like all cloud services, appMobi’s cloud-based services are billed by a count of monthly active users (MAU). To encourage developers to experiment and produce profitable, high engagement apps and games, appMobi offers full access to all cloud services completely free for the app’s first 10,000 monthly active users. Unlike iOS and Android, which charge developers 30% of their revenues for the use of their platform, appMobi charges a flat rate of just $0.10 per MAU when apps achieve success and rise above 10,000 MAUs. Enterprise and free apps are supported as well. Detailed information on the new cloud services pricing is available at

The revolutionary “No Lose” cloud services guarantee
“No Lose” pricing eliminates the potentially huge financial risk of publishing an app that experiences runaway success. As an example, OMGPOP’s “Draw Something” app experienced over 20 million installs in just three weeks. appMobi developers will never be charged more than their monetized apps are making. All monetized apps are covered by the “No Lose” guarantee – a developer doesn’t pay a dime until their app exceeds 10,000 MAUs and after that appMobi’s cloud service fee is the lesser of $0.10 per MAU or 50% of the revenue generated by the app.

Developers interested in learning more about appMobi are invited to

About appMobi

appMobi’s technology allows mobile app developers to support HTML5 and native app platforms with just one code base, and to deploy and service their apps on multiple platforms, including the Open Web. In 2011, the company released several of its core technologies as open source, including its cross platform mobile device API, mobiUs Web browser, the jqMobi app framework and directCanvas HTML5 game acceleration. appMobi was named “Most Promising Tech Company for 2012” by ReadWriteWeb and earned a spot on the SDTimes 100 list this year. For more information, visit

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