appMobi Guarantees HTML5 Developers Will Make Lots of Money


App developers get unlimited, risk-free access to every appMobi cloud service, from in-app purchasing to gamification to analytics; only profitable apps pay

SAN FRANCISCO – MobilityWire® – August 15, 2012

HTML5 powerhouse appMobi ( is so sure that the HTML5 market is going to be massive, the company is offering developers complete access to its development tools and cloud services, but will only charge profitable apps. While appMobi technologies already support the app experiences of over 50 million monthly consumers, the company believes this is the tip of the iceberg for HTML5. By making JavaScript and HTML5 the lingua franca of native app development, appMobi-based cross platform apps address over 2 billion devices in the Apple App Store℠, Google Play, Facebook, the Amazon App Store, the Google Chrome™ Web Store, the Mozilla® Market and the Barnes & Noble NOOK® store.

Traditionally, developers who use cloud products have been forced to predict their app’s usage and to pay in advance for each cloud service. If they predicted wrong, they either wasted money by buying excess capacity, or faced upcharges if their apps were more successful than planned. appMobi has flipped this model on its head by:

  • Unifying all of its cloud services into a single “platform”
  • Eliminating the need to predict an app’s level of success in advance
  • Encouraging developers to use all the services, improving their app’s chances of success
  • Giving developers a completely free pass until their app has more than 10,000 monthly users
  • Eliminating the potential financial risk of an app that becomes a quick hit

appMobi’s newly integrated cloud platform is comprehensive, including cross-platform in-app payments (iOS, Android, Facebook, open Web), rich media push messaging, user analytics, gamification and game acceleration. It is widely accepted that engagement and monetization are the drivers of app success. Top ten apps in the app stores typically use most of these features well, but the vast majority of apps do not. By removing the risk of loss due to overspending on infrastructure, appMobi is encouraging all developers to build better, more profitable apps by tapping into the full complement of monetization and engagement tools it has built.

Like all cloud services, appMobi’s is billed on a per app/per-active user basis. The entire integrated platform is completely free for the first 10,000 monthly active users, and just 10 cents per additional monthly user. By “picking up the tab” for the first 10,000 monthly users, appMobi has made it risk free for mobile app developers to tweak and tune their apps to maximize engagement and revenue. appMobi platform developers keep 100 percent of revenues generated from their apps; appMobi has no revenue share requirement.

Completing its disruption of the industry’s cloud services pricing model, appMobi has added a “No Lose” guarantee that eliminates the potentially huge financial risk of “runaway apps” that consume cloud services. As an example, OMGPOP’s “Draw Something” app experienced over 20 million installs in just three weeks. If Draw Something didn’t generate enough revenue to pay for its use, OMGPOP would have run up a huge bill. Developers who create monetized apps and games with appMobi’s monetization services are protected from this type of situation and will never have to pay more than 50 percent of their app’s revenues, no matter how many users the app generates.

The unified appMobi HTML5 app platform is available immediately, at no charge. Developers can get started at

About appMobi

With well over 50,000 active developers creating mobile and desktop apps, appMobi is the market leader in tools and services that support mobile app development and deployment using HTML5. appMobi’s technology allows mobile app developers to support HTML5 and native app platforms with just one code base, and to deploy and service their apps on multiple platforms, including the Open Web. In 2011, the company released several of its core technologies as open source, including its cross platform mobile device API, mobiUs Web browser, the jqMobi app framework and directCanvas HTML5 game acceleration. appMobi was named “Most Promising Tech Company for 2012” by ReadWriteWeb and earned a spot on the SDTimes 100 list this year. For more information, visit

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