Scirra Launches Massively Multiplatform Game Creator

LONDON – MobilityWire® – August 31, 2012

London startup Scirra’s HTML5 game creator Construct 2 has launched allowing developers to publish to iOS, Android, Windows 8, Facebook, the Chrome Web Store, the web, Windows desktop apps and Scirra’s own burgeoning Arcade.

Powered by the cross-platform strength of HTML5, game creators can now publish to a wide variety of platforms without having to even program their games, using Construct 2’s intuitive drag-and-drop ‘events’ system.

The iOS and Android support is provided by Ludei’s CocoonJS and appMobi’s directCanvas technologies, which use hardware acceleration to boost HTML5 games to native-like performance – often 5 to 10 times faster.

The release coincides with Construct 2’s 100th update, and also introduces WebGL shader effects. Shaders allow photoshop-style visual effects using GPU hardware to process in real-time. Previously only possible with “native” technologies, Construct 2 is the first tool to bring beautiful artistic effects to the web in a drag-and-drop manner. With nearly a quarter of a million downloads of Construct 2, over a million plays on the Scirra Arcade, and hundreds of new users registering every week, Construct 2 is rapidly becoming a leading tool for the type of web development previously done with Flash.

Ashley Gullen, Director, comments “Developers want to publish their creations everywhere – from their websites to iOS and Android and the upcoming Windows 8 App Store – and preferably simultaneously. Construct 2 is the only tool which makes this painless with its HTML5-based engine, and the gorgeous new WebGL shader effects are the icing on the cake!”

“DirectCanvas can offer a huge performance boost for HTML5 games, and we’re excited to support Construct 2 as a new way for developers to publish mobile games faster than ever before.” – Roy Smith, appMobi,

“It look like HTML5 gaming has finally reached the tipping point and companies like Scirra with powerful game engines, like Construct 2, are clearly leading the way… “When developers combine Construct 2 with our CocoonJS technology, the result is high quality, native-performing Hybrid HTML5 games that get delivered directly to the app stores.” – Eneko Knorr, CEO of Ludei Inc.

Founded in 2011 by brothers Ashley Gullen and Thomas Gullen, Scirra aims to make everyone in to game developers by removing the need to know how to program. Scirra are privately funded and following on from the success of its open-source predecessor ‘Construct Classic’, which has been downloaded over 500,000 times to date.

Video of how Contstruct2 Works

  • Glass shader effect demo (requires Firefox or Chrome with WebGL support):
  • The ‘Rain demo’ shader tech example (requires Firefox or Chrome with WebGL support):
  • Space Blaster’ game with old TV effects (requires Firefox or Chrome with WebGL support):


About Scirra

Scirra Ltd was founded in May 2011 by brothers Ashley and Thomas Gullen. Scirra is based in Twickenham, SW London. Scirra’s mission: to make game creation as accessible as possible yet remain a powerful and useful tool for professional studios and developers; to ensure that the free edition of the Scirra software is useful, functional and powerful and freely available to educational institutions; to promote HTML5, and prove that HTML5 is an exciting new workable technology that can create games with real commercial value.

Scirra’s flagship product, Construct 2, is the next generation of programming-free game creation. It has been described by customers as “Photoshop for games”. Learn more about Construct 2. The predecessor to Construct 2, Construct Classic, creates DirectX 9 games for the Windows desktop. Unlike Construct 2, Construct Classic is open sourced software. Since it’s development in 2007, it has been downloaded over 500,000 times. Learn more about Construct Classic.

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