SubtleData™ Selected as POS Integration Platform by appMobi

The SubtleData Platform gives appMobi HTML5 mobile developers easy Point of Sale integration for their mobile apps

SubtleData™ Inc. (, the company that connects mobile applications to point of sale (POS) systems, has been selected by appMobi to provide critical point of sale integration to its mobile cross platform app development ecosystem ( By accessing the SubtleData API (, app developers will have access to the SubtleData API and will now be able to easily integrate their mobile apps with many leading point of sale systems.   

“Mobile devices present an amazing opportunity for automating retail and hospitality functions, but building a mobile app that works with just one point of sale system is time consuming and expensive for even the most seasoned developer,” said Sam Abadir, CTO and founder of appMobi. “By combining SubtleData’s API with appMobi’s HTML5 tools we’ve made it easy for a developer to create mobile ordering, loyalty, couponless offers and mobile payment applications that address a wide variety of devices and point of sale systems with a single code base.”

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With hundreds of point of sale companies in the U.S., the process of developing mobile applications that interact with bar, restaurant, hotel or retail store systems is incredibly complex and time-consuming. SubtleData created a write-once and deploy-many platform to make it simple to build this class of application.

“Merchants have been left behind in the mobile revolution because point of sale integration is so difficult,“ said Bryan Menell, CEO of SubtleData. “Now that we’ve made it cheap and easy, I expect that appMobi’s developer community will create a whole new class of applications.”

About SubtleData
SubtleData is the world’s leading platform for point of sale apps. SubtleData designs, develops, and manages Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that connect mobile devices to the majority of existing Point of Sale systems in a platform-as-a-service environment. This provides application developers with a write-once, deploy-many platform that saves them money, reduces their time to market, simplifies their system integration effort across a wide range of point of sale systems, and expands their potential customer base. The company continues to add support for new POS systems and versions within those POS systems.

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About appMobi
With over 130,000 active developers creating mobile and desktop apps with its paid and open source tools, appMobi is the market leader supporting mobile app development and deployment using HTML5. appMobi’s technology allows mobile app developers to support HTML5 and native app platforms with just one code base, and to deploy and service their apps on multiple platforms, including the open Web. In 2011, the company released several of its core technologies as open source, including its cross platform mobile device API, mobiUs Web browser, the jqMobi app framework and directCanvas HTML5 game acceleration. appMobi was named “Most Promising Tech Company for 2012” by ReadWriteWeb and earned a spot on the SDTimes 100 list last year. For more information, visit

appMobi is a registered trademark of appMobi Inc.  All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners including: SubtleData.

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