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Sprinkler Times Mobile App Makes Saving Water, Plants and Money Easy

Sprinkler Times

Easy to use Sprinkler Times app uses localized scientific data to maintain healthy landscapes, encourage conservation and save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in needless overwatering

Summer 2011 is finally here, and Garden Apps, creators of landscaping and irrigation focused mobile applications and Web services, today unveiled the Sprinkler Times™ app, helping people across the United States find the correct number of minutes to set their sprinkler timers for maintaining healthy gardens all year round. Available for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as on the Web, Sprinkler Times is the first mobile app built using Garden Apps’ 3Green™ approach to personal technology: save plants (green in the yard), save the environment (green in philosophy), and save money (green in the bank).

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