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SportsPicker Goes Mobile With iPhone Version


Friendly bragging-rights game expands to smartphones, allowing players to make picks and check standings from anywhere.

BOCA RATON, Fla. – MobilityWire®December 15, 2011

OHK Labs announces the release of SportsPicker Mobile today, an iPhone app that adds the full functionality of the Facebook version to users of Apple’s iPhone. Players can now make picks from virtually anywhere, making gameplay more convenient and increasing the level of competition.

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SportsPicker Adds English Premier League to List of Supported Sports Leagues


Addition of the soccer league makes it the first non-US sport added to the leading friendly bragging rights game.

BOCA RATON, Fla. – MobilityWire®November 29, 2011

OHK Labs announces the addition of English Premier League soccer to the list of available sports in the SportsPicker game. Matches begin Saturday, December 3rd, 2011, and picks can be made starting today. English Premier League joins NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball as supported leagues and marks the first non-North American sporting league.

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SportsPicker Players Turn Their Picks Into Charitable Donations to the Special Olympics


Friendly bragging-rights game adds automatic donation for everyday game actions. Players earn money for charity by making picks, inviting friends, even by bragging about their success!

BOCA RATON, Fla. – MobilityWire®November 14, 2011

OHK Labs announces that the everyday actions taken by players of the unique SportsPicker game will earn money for the Special Olympics. Donations will be made every time a player makes a pick, invites their friends, or brags about their success on their individual Facebook page.

“We’ve always admired the work that the Special Olmpics does in promoting sports for everyone,” said Oren Kantor, OHK Labs CEO. “The idea of donating to their cause came naturally to us, and we’re pleased with the system we’ve created for helping our players generate donations.”

Donations will accrue based on a simple tiered approach. Each time a player picks a sports team to win, OHK Labs will donate $0.01. Each time a player invites a Facebook friend to play, OHK Labs will donate $0.10. Finally, each time a player brags to Facebook friends from within the SportsPicker app, OHK Labs will donate $1.00.

More information can be found at http://www.sportspickerapp.com/specialolympics/

More about SportsPicker

A significantly different concept from fantasy sports and online sports betting, SportsPicker takes the best of both — including social competition and odds-based selections — to create an entirely new and exciting way to enjoy sports. Users simply make their picks for each game, then check their standings against their Facebook friends who are also playing. Points are rewarded on a seven-point scale, with the underdog valued at up to six points and the favorite as low as one point. This enables a weighted odds system which rewards underdog picks. Additionally, SportsPicker is free (ad-supported), so there is no barrier to entry for players and their friends.

SportsPicker, now available to all Facebook users, can be found at http://apps.facebook.com/sportspicker . There is no charge to play, and anyone with a Facebook account can get started immediately.

Key features of SportsPicker include:

  • Innovative points-based system rewards players for picking underdogs over favorites
  • Support for nearly all popular professional and collegiate sports, including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball
  • Built on the Facebook platform, SportsPicker keeps track of a player’s point totals and automatically builds a leader board to compare friends’ point totals
  • A simple one-click method for choosing a winner of each individual game. Players can select picks for every available game in a matter of seconds
  • Free, ad-based revenue model means that users can play at no charge, increasing the size of a player’s competition pool
  • SportsPicker’s safe, non-wagering system, provides a risk-free method of picking the winners of sporting events
  • SportsPicker allows people to pick teams to win, an important distinction from traditional fantasy games, which center around individual players

“We haven’t placed a cap on the amount of money we’ll donate,” adds Kantor. “We’re looking forward to seeing how much our players can earn for the Special Olympics!”

SportsPicker is the only game of its kind available on the Facebook platform, currently estimated to contain over 750 million subscribers worldwide. While the sports available are currently North America-centric, plans are already underway to add international sports.

For more information about SportsPicker visit http://www.sportspickerapp.com and download the press kit from http://www.sportspickerapp.com/SportsPicker_Press_Kit.zip.

About OHK Labs
OHK Labs is a Florida-based developer of mobile gaming applications, founded by Oren Kantor in 2011. SportsPicker, its first game, is available on the Facebook platform and will be available for iPhone and Android platforms later this year.

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SportsPicker Delivers the Most Innovative Non-Wager Sports Competition App for Facebook


Friendly bragging-rights system adds social aspect to picking winners of sporting events, while unique points-based odds system provides incentive for picking underdogs.

BOCA RATON, Fla. – MobilityWire®October 12, 2011

OHK Labs announces the release of SportsPicker today, a whole new take on social gaming. With its combination of a simple interface for picking the winners of sports games and the power and ubiquity of the Facebook platform, SportsPicker delivers a fun and challenging social game revolving around professional and collegiate sports.

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