Bitstream Releases New Beta Version of BOLT Mobile Browser

Feedback from beta testers drives improvements for the Beta2 version of the market’s fastest mobile browser

With well over 300,000 users from around the world participating in a public beta that began in February, Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) today announced that BOLTTM, the company’s web browser for mobile phones of all types, will get a significant upgrade today.

BOLT’s new features include:

  • Significantly improved BlackBerry scrolling speed and control
  • A new 3XL (extra large) magnification mode with content 33.3 percent bigger than in 2XL
  • Double tap approach to select links on touchscreen devices like the BlackBerry storm (eliminates inadvertent clicks)
  • Wi-Fi auto-selection as default option when Wi-Fi is both enabled and available
  • Save and view pages locally on the phone
  • Support for folders in favorites
  • A new landscape viewing feature
  • Improved magnifier dragging in split screen mode on the BlackBerry Storm

BOLT Beta2 also includes many enhancements based on feedback from beta users, including:

  • Improved video quality on mpeg4 capable devices
  • Improved scrolling speed on image-rich pages
  • A user preferences page to reduce menu clutter, especially useful on BlackBerry smartphones where the native menu structure, without sub-menus, is utilized

Optimized to conserve battery life and data transmissions, BOLT features unrivaled speed – consistently 25 to 50 percent faster than competitors. The WebKit based BOLT browser offers ultra-fast viewing of streaming and flash video, high standards compliance, rich media and graphics enabling people to view websites just as they do on a PC.

Built with proprietary compression, navigation and rendering technologies, BOLT enables users to find and read information quickly and easily. Once users have navigated to the specific section of the large web page they are viewing, they can then zoom in to display clear text and images that look crisp on even small mobile phone screens.

BOLT’s feature set includes:

  • Fast, secure, desktop-style web browsing on both high-end and low-end handsets
  • Streaming video capabilities
  • Split screen and full screen modes for easy navigation and viewing
  • Easily add and select favorites and view browsing history
  • Intuitive keystroke shortcuts for easier navigation and content selection
  • Protection against spyware and malicious or faulty add-ons
  • Extends battery life and uses less data than competing browsers

BOLT Usage:

With over 300,000 users, BOLT is being used on every continent on the globe. The top ten domains visited by BOLT’s users include:


“It’s interesting to watch how people use BOLT to connect to friends and information. Most of the heavy usage is around social networking, with about 10 percent of users spending well over an hour per session online with BOLT. We see Google visitors using search, mail, maps and translation services while Yahoo visitors use mail, messenger, fantasy sports and finance. It’s also interesting to see how BlackBerry users seem to prefer using BOLT for Facebook instead of the BlackBerry Facebook application,” said Sampo Kaasila, vice president of research & development at Bitstream.

People are enjoying the video streaming feature of the BOLT browser – the only mobile browser that lets people enjoy streaming videos on average mobile phones from such popular video services as YouTube,,,,, and more. Of the total bandwidth used by all BOLT users surfing the Internet, nearly a third was consumed by streaming video.

BOLT is now available for free to anyone as part of its public beta test. To download BOLT visit

Visit Bitstream at CTIA April 1-3, 2009 in booth 6250.

About BOLT:
The BOLT mobile browser, compatible with the majority of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones, offers unrivaled speed and desktop-style web browsing including the ability to stream video. A patented split-screen viewing and intuitive keystroke shortcuts make navigating web pages simple. Download BOLT for free at – the mobile Internet has never looked this good on your phone.

About Bitstream:
Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) is a software development company focused on bringing unique software products to a wide variety of markets. The company’s core software products include award-winning fonts and font rendering software, mobile browsing and variable data publishing and web-to-print software for personalized marketing. For more information about Bitstream please visit


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