WhatTheFont iPhone Application Surpasses 100,000 Downloads in First Three Months

iPhone app is the easiest way for people to identify fonts in any printed material from any location at any time


MyFonts, the world’s leading online provider of fonts and a division of Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS), announced today that its WhatTheFont iPhone application has surpassed 100,000 downloads since it was first posted to Apple’s App Store in February this year. WhatTheFont is a web-based service that lets people upload an image of text and instantly identify the font being used. The WhatTheFont iPhone application connects directly to MyFonts’ acclaimed font identification service, which has been helping customers pinpoint mystery fonts for nearly a decade.

WhatTheFont free iPhone appThe iPhone version of WhatTheFont uses the phone’s built-in camera to photograph the text used on magazines, posters, billboards, menus or any other place people encounter interesting fonts. Users can also choose an existing image from their photo album as the basis for their font search. Once an image is selected, the iPhone’s touch screen can be used to crop and isolate the letters in question. After confirming which characters are used in the image, the application provides a list of possible matching fonts. When WhatTheFont helps you find the font you were looking for you have the choice of viewing more details on the specific font from the MyFonts web page or you can send an e-mail link to yourself with more info.

“For nearly ten years the WhatTheFont service has helped hundreds of thousands of people distinguish unidentified fonts, yet we recognize that people encounter interesting fonts in many more places than just sitting in front of their computer,” said John Collins, vice president and chief technology officer at Bitstream. “Making this service mobile through our iPhone application has quickly expanded the usefulness of WhatTheFont, providing the kind of utility only a mobile device can offer. By mobilizing WhatTheFont we’re making it possible for people to enhance their creativity with instant access to font information from wherever they are.”

The WhatTheFont application can be downloaded to your iPhone for free from the iTunes Store. iPod touch users can also get in on the font discovery action, despite the fact that the iPod touch lacks an onboard camera. When loaded to an iPod touch, WhatTheFont for iPhone will identify fonts in images saved from apps such as Safari and Mail. For more information, visit the official WhatTheFont for iPhone page at http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/iPhone/.

About MyFonts
MyFonts is the world’s largest ever collection of fonts, all showcased on one easy-to-use website. The unique resources of MyFonts offer convenient ways to find, purchase, and preview fonts online, including the remarkable font identifier, WhatTheFont. MyFonts is a division of Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS). For more information visit www.myfonts.com and www.bitstream.com.

Bitstream is a registered trademark of Bitstream Inc. MyFonts and MyFonts.com are registered service marks and WhatTheFont is a service mark of MyFonts.com, Inc. Other technologies and brand names are used for information only and remain trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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