Expanded BOLT Mobile Browser OEM Edition Now Available

Bitstream mobile browsing solution provides handset manufacturers and wireless operators the easiest way to provide the most accurate website rendering to users of mobile phones of all types

BOLT Mobile Browser

Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) today announced availability of an expanded OEM solution for its acclaimed BOLT™ mobile browser, the most fully featured mobile browser in the market today. This new BOLT OEM edition is a major evolution of the company’s Thunderhawk mobile browsing technology and architecture. Bitstream has optimized the BOLT browser application and the WebKit-based, cloud-computing architecture that supports it to make the BOLT OEM edition the easiest way for handset manufacturers and wireless operators to offer their customers desktop style Web browsing on mobile phones of all types. Bitstream will be meeting with OEMs interested in the BOLT mobile browser at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona this month.

“In the last twelve months since Bitstream unveiled BOLT we’ve been able to complete a worldwide public beta testing and watched carefully as the browser was downloaded over 3.8 million times, making refinements and further optimizing the BOLT OEM edition,” said Anna Magliocco-Chagnon, president and CEO. “Since we launched BOLT at last year’s Mobile World Congress, it has won industry awards and more importantly, praise from users and in application reviews. BOLT is now being preloaded by mobile device manufacturers in Europe and Asia, and Bitstream is receiving interest from device manufacturers and wireless operators around the world.”

The BOLT OEM edition is licensed to carriers and manufacturers in four packages:

  • As the BOLT J2ME client browser
  • As the BOLT lite™ J2ME client browser, a smaller application package for extremely resource-constrained devices that retains all primary BOLT functionality
  • As the J2ME BOLT library SDK
  • Other platforms are also available upon request

BOLT is the only mobile browser that brings video streaming from multiple video websites to mobile phones of all types. BOLT 1.6 outscores competing mobile browsers, earning a perfect 100 percent on the Web Standards Project’s Acid3 test. The most fully featured mobile browser, BOLT’s Unique Capabilities include:

  • Extremely fast page load speeds
  • Most accurate page rendering
  • Displays full websites just as they would appear on desktop computers
  • Streams videos from popular video services such as YouTube
  • Copy and paste text
  • Uploads video and photo files directly to websites from browser
  • Only major WebKit based cloud computing browser

BOLT’s cloud computing architecture is the key to the browser’s capabilities. Websites are first loaded by the BOLT servers, then transcoded and sent to the BOLT mobile browser application on handsets. This client/server approach maintains the integrity of Web page layouts, reduces packet consumption on data networks by as much as a factor of 24:1, dramatically improves page load speeds, and enables important features such as video streaming.

Handset manufacturers around the world are now preloading BOLT on new lines of mobile phones. The BOLT OEM edition allows handset manufacturers and wireless operators to maintain control over updates and feature sets, and can be offered in a white-labeled user interface. The lightweight BOLT application is easily preloaded by device manufacturers, and Bitstream takes care of the rest.

“BOLT was chosen over competing mobile browsers because it perfectly displays Web pages on Allview phones the way people see them on their computers,” said Adrian Visan, development manager at AllviewMobile, one of Eastern Europe’s biggest mobile handset manufacturers. “BOLT is not only very fast and easy to use, it’s the only browser for mobile phones that streams videos from websites popular in Europe such as YouTube and RuTube. BOLT’s data compression not only assures that websites load quickly, it helps reduce the cost of browsing the Web for users of Allview phones, and has even been shown to extend battery life between recharging.”

Bitstream will be showcasing BOLT at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 15 to February 18 in booth number 1A70.

About BOLT
The acclaimed BOLT mobile browser has the most faithful rendering of Web pages of any browser in its class. This fast mobile browser quickly and accurately displays Web pages on mobile phones just as they would appear on desktop computers. BOLT is the only browser for mobile phones of all types to support streaming video from popular media sharing sites such as YouTube and MySpace. Based on the same WebKit rendering engine used by the iPhone’s Safari and Android’s Chrome browsers, BOLT is compatible with the majority of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones. BOLT features a patented split-screen viewing mode, intuitive keystroke shortcuts and copy/paste functionality, and offers a user-friendly, feature-rich mobile browsing experience for even entry-level mobile phones. Download BOLT for free at http://boltbrowser.com – the mobile Internet has never looked this good on your phone.

About Bitstream
Bitstream Inc. develops software technologies and applications for the graphic art and mobile communications industries. Bitstream’s award-winning fonts and font technologies enable device manufacturers and application developers to render the highest quality text in any language, on any device, at any resolution. The company’s MyFonts brand is the world’s leading provider of fonts to consumers. Bitstream’s Pageflex brand enables marketers to easily produce customized communications in print, email, and online. The company’s latest offering is the BOLT mobile browser, which has been installed by millions of users worldwide since its release in February 2009. For more information visit www.bitstream.com.


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