Local Naperville, Illinois Company, Bunchbite, Challenges Groupon

Bunchbite.com helps local nonprofits, like KidsMatter, raise needed cash

Nonprofit organizations, charities, and causes in Naperville will be chomping at the bit to be a part of Bunchbite.com. Officially launched this month, Bunchbite is looking to stir up the competition between other special offer Websites such as Groupon. Specializing only in restaurants, Bunchbite offers a free, member’s only weekly service that features fantastic deals at the best places to eat and experience in Naperville and its neighbors.

Unlike Groupon, Bunchbite helps support and raise money for member’s favorite charities through special offers to local restaurants ranging from 50 percent – 85 percent off in savings. “A major difference between Bunchbite and others like Groupon, is that Bunchbite is focused on helping charities raise money and supporting local business growth,” says Ola Ayeni, founder of Dining Dialog and creator of Bunchbite. Differentiating themselves from other services that help nonprofits raise money, Bunchbite services are free, encouraging nonprofits to sign up with no financial obligation by simply going to their website to add their charity.

Nonprofits are offered the chance to earn in two ways. Portions of the offer are given to the charity when they are purchased online; additionally members are given the chance to extend an extra donation before completing their purchase. “Bunchbite is created to help families save money, try new places, support local businesses, and give back to charities. It is a way for everyone to win, especially in this economy where many families are watching their pockets,” states Ayeni.

Tokyo Bay Sushi Bar and Grill will be one of the first deals offered to the Naperville area community. This deal includes $40 worth of food and drink for the price of $20, with a portion of that purchase donated to KidsMatter of Naperville. KidsMatter is a proactive not-for-profit who work with youths and families to prevent problematic issues that occur throughout their lives providing experiences, relationships, and values that create opportunities for success.

According to the National Restaurant Association, “57 percent of adults say they are likely to make a restaurant choice based on how much a restaurant supports charitable activities and the local community.” Bunchbite will allow members to submit recommendations of their favorite nonprofit organizations along with their favorite restaurants to encourage local support and growth.

Other nonprofits working with Bunchbite to help raise donations include the Greater Chicago Food Depository, Autism Society of Illinois, and Naperville Junior Women’s Club. The company is looking to launch in Chicago later this month with PJ Clarke’s, located in the Gold Coast and Streeterville, after its initial first deal in the local suburbs. Along with Chicago, Bunchbite hopes to expand to other local suburbs outside of Naperville and continue to gain local support among communities who support local nonprofit organizations.

How Bunchbite works:

  • Restaurants partner with local nonprofit charities to donate to
  • Bunchbite provides a one time exclusive voucher to its members and nonprofit supporters
  • Members purchase vouchers and are also included with additional ways to donate
  • Nonprofits receive quick payment and enjoy continuous fund raising efforts

About Bunchbite
Bunchbite is a service of Dining Dialog – a full service restaurant marketing company based in Naperville, Illinois. Bunchbite is a free, member’s only weekly service that features places to eat and receive big savings on meals, helps support local businesses, and donates to local charities. Members then have the opportunity to donate from their savings to help raise money for their favorite charities and nonprofit groups. For more information please go to www.bunchbite.com.

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