Fitnesstrax Announces Kickstarter Campaign to Support Launch of RunningTrax Personalized Workout Mobile App


Kickstarter campaign offers pre-launch promotional packages for breakthrough mobile app providing runners and running organizations with custom workouts personalized to each runner’s specific level of ability.

ATLANTA, May 6, 2015 /MobilityWire/ — FitnessTrax, Inc. announced today the launch of the RunningTraxtm Kickstarter campaign to support the launch of the RunningTrax iPhone mobile app. Based on the best-selling book by the same name, RunningTrax is the only app that provides runners with workouts that are personalized to their level of ability.

In addition to training information for individual runners, RunningTrax provides running organizations, web portals, running clubs, race directors and race management companies with a mobile app and APIs that provide personalized running training programs for each of their members. An introductory video can be viewed here.

The funds raised via Kickstarter will help the company reach both short- and long-term goals. In the short-term, the company will market RunningTrax on various sites for runners and conduct a public relations campaigns around the launch of RunningTrax.
The Kickstarter campaign offers backers promotional packages at levels from $10 to $500. The rewards include an increasing number of beneficial services and multi-year licenses of the RunningTrax mobile app. The funds will not be distributed to or used by the company’s principals.

The RunningTrax iPhone app has been submitted to Apple following a successful Beta testing program and will be available for download on the Apple App Store in the next couple of weeks. Runners can utilize the RunningTrax app free for 30 days. The app is then available on a subscription basis for $3.99 a month or $24.99 for an annual subscription.

In the long-term, the company will develop new software and services to extend the RunningTrax franchise. Some of the features the company plans to develop include:

  • Add running course favorites so all your course data is easily available to plan your workout and to log your run. Just select a course from a list of your favorites, and the workout will be personalized according to your current TraxScore.
  • Develop a training program platform (TraxTrain) that will enable coaches and personal trainers to easily produce training programs. This will create a public library of training plans so that all runners around the world can view and select the training program that is best for him or her. RunningTrax will then personalize the workout for each run recommended in the training plan.
  • Develop a web version of the RunningTrax app.
  • Develop an Android version of the RunningTrax app.
  • Develop an import/export of the running log to enable an interface to other running mapping, logging and training programs.
  • Consider improvements suggested by RunningTrax subscribers.

RunningTrax is a breakthrough system which solves the most persistent problem for all runners, from weekend joggers to world class athletes. When training, runners need to run hard enough to improve but not too hard or they will increase the risk of getting injured. Until RunningTrax, it has been difficult and expensive for runners to get good, specific advice on how to train. That is why almost all running websites and apps focus on recording what runners have done rather than telling them what they should do.

The RunningTrax mobile app is a quantum leap forward in running training. While it provides all the standard features, including GPS tracking, run logging and music integration, the RunningTrax mobile app is the first system to help every runner, regardless of ability, get a personalized recommendation on the proper pace to run for every workout, for maximum benefit.

Typically, it takes a lot of expert time to define appropriate workouts for individual runners. RunningTrax is the first to automatically and scientifically determine what a runner should do for any distance, time or pace. In addition, it adjusts to a runner’s changing level of fitness. Best of all, the RunningTrax app does this all for less than what a person might pay for a typical fitness app that is nothing more than a fancy exercise log.

“RunningTrax is the first personalized, dynamic running training system that tells every runner exactly what pace they should run – day in and day out,” said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., founder of RunningTrax. Dr. Purdy, a former track and field star himself, created the RunningTrax system based on his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Exercise Physiology at Stanford University.

The RunningTrax system begins when the user establishes their level of ability from any recent performance. This is called the TraxScore. From the user’s level of ability, the system generates a personalized workout (TraxWorkout) for any distance, time or pace. RunningTrax then lets the user log the actual workout (TraxLog). When the runner logs their workout, the system generates TraxRewards reward points that are based on the intensity and duration of their workout or race. TraxRewards operates like frequent flyer mileage rewards.

The RunningTrax mobile app is based on Dr. Purdy’s book, RunningTrax, one of the best-selling books in running with over 60,000 copies sold to coaches, trainers and runners. The book has helped over 300,000 runners personalize their workouts. Now with the RunningTrax app, it’s available to the more than 200 million active runners around the world.

Dr. Purdy added, “Over the past 15-plus years, hundreds of thousands of runners have built personalized running training programs using my RunningTrax book, and now we are finally bringing this personalized training intelligence to the mobile space with the RunningTrax app.”

RunningTrax will be distributed through the App Store to consumers and also will be available in the coming months through major running organizations, web portals, running clubs, race directors and race management companies via customized agreements. The company has also developed APIs that enable TraxScore and TraxWorkout to be embedded in other running web sites or mobile apps via a licensing arrangement.

A companion revised and updated RunningTrax book will be available this summer through the RunningTrax web site and from major book sellers and distributors.

RunningTrax is a product of FitnessTrax, Inc. and has been produced in cooperation with Bluefin Software. The management team all are runners who have direct experience in running training.

About FitnessTrax
FitnessTrax provides athletes in endurance events with personalized running training programs. The company’s first service brand is RunningTrax, which provides personalized running training programs to millions of runners. Founder & Chairman, J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. is a recognized authority on running training and author of RunningTrax. Dr. Purdy’s intellectual property is the basis for helping runners of all levels of ability with personalized training programs. FitnessTrax plans to introduce personalized training programs for other forms of endurance exercise including swimming, cycling, walking and triathlons in the future. More information can be found at

About Bluefin Software
Bluefin Software makes fitness apps that change people’s lives. With over 20 apps in the App Store, Bluefin’s apps have helped hundreds of thousands lead more active lifestyles. The company also help fitness trainers make their training plans available on mobile via its RunHelpertm platform. Bluefin’s apps are designed around the fitness experiences of real people and supported by the latest knowledge in health, fitness, and technology. For more information visit

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