GWAVA Makes Archiving BlackBerry Text Messages Fast and Simple

GWAVA introduces RetainTM for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the first clientless text message archiving solution, solving compliance requirements on the popular mobile platform


Why Retain is important in the enterprise

  • New compliance regulations require enterprises to track all text communication by their employees. Unlike email messages that pass through a mail server making them easy to archive and audit, text messages are sent directly from one device to another over the networks of wireless service providers, making archiving and auditing messages extremely challenging for IT departments.
  • Retain for BlackBerry Enterprise Server helps solves this challenge by archiving text messages, letting enterprises comply with regulations for preserving text communication without affecting employees’ ability to utilize all the text messaging functionality of the Research In Motion® (RIM) BlackBerry.

No client software needed

  • Retain is installed directly on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and requires no client software for the BlackBerry device. Without a client, Retain does not use any memory or processing resources on the device, eliminating any impact on the device’s performance and making the solution tamper-proof by individual end-users. The server-side solution eliminates the need for IT departments to “touch” every BlackBerry device deployed, repaired or replaced within the enterprise, saving time and expense.

How and where Retain works

  • The Retain Archive Viewer is installed on one or several workstations allowing administrators to easily audit the database. Retain works on both the common short message service (SMS) text messages used for mobile phone-to-mobile phone messaging, as well as BlackBerry-specific personal identification number (PIN) form of text messages that allow one BlackBerry user to send a message directly to another BlackBerry.
  • The Retain agent collects the information contained in the countless files of SMS, PIN and phone log information and imports them into a SQL database. Organizations can then create comprehensive audit trails and quickly and easily access this information for any necessary investigations.

Powerful searching and archiving

  • All data archived by Retain is completely searchable down to the most granular level of detail from the Archive Viewer. In addition to its search functions, Retain can also alert administrators when certain keywords appear in real time text communication. Auditing PIN, SMS text messages and phone logs that previously took weeks to perform can now be completed quickly.


  • Retain’s archives use a small amount of hard drive space to keep data for an entire enterprise. A medium-sized business can store its whole BlackBerry text message archive for all employees using only a few gigabytes.

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Charles Taite, CTO of GWAVA

“Apart from voice, texting is the most popular method of mobile communication, so addressing associated compliance issues is of paramount concern for organizations that issue BlackBerry smartphones to their employees. This simple and fast form of communication has become a vital business tool used by virtually everyone with a mobile phone. Retain provides the means for organizations running BlackBerry Enterprise Server to ensure that they can collect and audit all their mobile text communications, not just email.”

Kathryn Weldon, Principal Analyst for Enterprise Mobility at Current Analysis

“IT departments racing to meet compliance mandates often have difficult compromises to make. Text messaging may be viewed as an essential business tool by employees, but IT departments that need to install software on hundreds or thousands of devices may opt instead to switch off such messaging functions. GWAVA Retain for BlackBerry addresses this dilemma head-on by developing a clientless, server-side archiving solution that installs quickly and brings an entire enterprise BlackBerry deployment into compliance, saving IT departments time and expense while eliminating end-user tampering.”


For more than six years GWAVA has developed security and policy compliance solutions for enterprise data communications. GWAVA solutions are in use today by over seven million employees at 3,700 medium to large enterprises in more than 60 countries around the world. GWAVA is a member of the BlackBerry® ISV Alliance program and develops security solutions for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Founded in 2001, GWAVA has offices throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information visit

The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.



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