Advansys Releases Filing Assistant 1.0 for GroupWise at GWAVACon

GWAVACon, San Diego, Calif. — January 28, 2008 —Advansys has announced Filing Assistant 1.0 for GroupWise, a tool that lets users file and access their emails quickly and easily.

Users can search and navigate folder locations to access key message information more efficiently, assisted by intuitive technology that suggests where a message should be filed.

Messages can also be identified and associated with target folders.

Users have complete control over the final confirmation of where the message should be filed. This speeds up filing and keeps users in control of accuracy, resulting in quicker information retrieval in the future.

“With the volume of email increasing rapidly, efficient email management is essential,” said Gregory Bell, CEO, Advansys. “Users need to file messages quickly into the appropriate location without having to navigate hundreds of folders. Effective filing enables faster retrieval of messages in future, saving time and money.”

Users can also locate folders by matching text or simply by selecting a folder offered by the automated suggest feature, which lists suggested folders for filing based on selected message analysis.

“Filing Assistant enables our company to file emails into folders in a consistent manner, which improves the natural process of retrieving emails without having to perform a search and interrupt the thought process,” said Robert Diaz, CEO, RDA Enterprises. “It extends GroupWise seamlessly and immediately establishes a better process for managing email workflow. Its intuitive design also makes it effortless to keep company email well organized.”

Filing Assistant also works with GroupWise Proxy, allowing users with the appropriate proxy rights to file another person’s email.
“Combining GroupWise list filtering and QuickFinder with Filing Assistant offers even faster reorganization and collation of messages which may be dispersed throughout the account,” said Bell.

A range of additional features let users customize Filing Assistant operation, such as search optimization by adding special keywords to folder descriptions, creating new and renaming existing folders, folder reporting and undo last message move.

System Requirements
Advansys Filing Assistant 1.0 requires Novell GroupWise 32-bit Windows Client, Version 6.0.4 or later; Advansys Formativ Runtime; Creator, Studio 2.0.1 or later, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to access product documentation.

About Advansys

Advansys Pty Limited, established in 1989, is an Australian software development house and Novell Technology Partner specializing in innovative business solutions. Building on a solid foundation of enterprise automation and productivity enhancement systems, Advansys has developed solutions for Novell GroupWise® for more than fourteen years, resulting in a deep understanding of the GroupWise product and its market.

As recognized experts in GroupWise development, customization and systems integration, Advansys team members are regular speakers at international GroupWise events, including GWAVACons worldwide, Novell BrainShare and the GroupWise Advisor Summits.


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