Advansys Releases New Version of Popular Archive To Go at GWAVACon

GWAVACon, San Diego, Calif. — January 29, 2008 — Advansys has announced a new version of its best-selling Archive To Go for GroupWise.

The “on-demand” user-driven product provides a reliable and easy way for administrators to export a GroupWise mailbox and personal archives to a searchable portable format which doesn’t require the GroupWise Client. Common uses include making the primary mailbox and GroupWise personal archives portable, backing up inactive accounts and private data removal to reduce storage costs and legal discovery.

Version 1.5 adds even more control over archiving capabilities than the previous version, such as date range and private item filtering, folder selection, custom archive naming improved user interface and enterprise access features.

“Exporting GroupWise data for archiving purposes is a no-brainer with Advansys Archive To Go. It’s the default standalone archiving tool for us,” said Roel van Bueren, CEO of ROVABU Networks and Custom-R-Tools. “Archive To Go is the premiere archiving tool for the GroupWise space.”

These new features make it easy to create and distribute specialized, searchable knowledge bases from a collection of GroupWise messages, such as the GroupWise Resource Archive, which comprises many years worth of searchable NGWList digest messages (

“What makes Archive To Go 1.5 different from our competition is that instead of another full-time archiving product, it offers a high-quality on-demand publishing/archiving solution,” said Gregory Bell, CEO, Advansys. “Administrators often use the enterprise mode but it can also be rolled out to users for creating their own archives.”

Archive To Go also integrates with key GWAVA products, such as Reload, Reveal, Redline and Vertigo.

Advansys plans on releasing further Archive To Go extensions, which offer the ability to restore Advansys Portable Messages back into GroupWise and conversion to HTML and Microsoft Outlook PST formats. Advansys will deliver the premiere demonstration the Microsoft Outlook PST converter at GWAVACon San Diego.

About Advansys
Advansys Pty Limited, established in 1989, is an Australian software development house and Novell Technology Partner specializing in innovative business solutions. Building on a solid foundation of enterprise automation and productivity enhancement systems, Advansys has developed solutions for Novell GroupWise® for more than fourteen years, resulting in a deep understanding of the GroupWise product and its market.
As recognized experts in GroupWise development, customization and systems integration, Advansys team members are regular speakers at international GroupWise events, including GWAVACons worldwide, Novell BrainShare and the GroupWise Advisor Summits.


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