Kimera Systems Reveals Breakthrough in Strong Artificial Intelligence

Calls for support of RocketHub campaign to take strong artificial intelligence project to next level

Kimera Systems ( today announced the launch of its RocketHub ( funding campaign. Kimera Systems developed the first true strong artificial intelligence technology that will reshape how people will use and interact with technology. Never before have computers, devices, software and the Internet been capable of understanding the people who are using them, and more importantly, why they are using them. With Kimera System’s Salience Engine technology the Internet can finally start thinking, understanding and working on people’s behalf.

With Kimera System’s technology the Internet will be capable of extending our intelligence level, our world-view, and our personalities on an individual basis and allow devices and applications around the globe to work for us invisibly and unobtrusively. This artificial intelligence revolution starts today as Kimera Systems begins its global deployment of a Planetary Neural Network.

Today Kimera Systems launched its RocketHub campaign to raise the funds the company needs to develop the necessary Android components to allow smartphones or tablets to connect with this global intelligence. In addition, Kimera will use the funds to build the tools required to allow developers from across the globe to start injecting real intelligence into everyday objects, services, geographic locations…anything…through its smart agent Software Development Kit (SDK).

Kimera’s AI transforms how services are built and delivered to devices. It opens new revenue opportunities for handset manufacturers, wireless operators, developers, and other businesses. Kimera uses smart agents that interface and collaborate in real time with each other and other apps to achieve specific goals for you.

Kimera Systems believes in an open and free Internet. The company believes the smart world of tomorrow should not be controlled by one or two large Internet companies. Its technology represents the world’s first 100 percent decentralized artificial intelligence technology that allows the entire global population to own their piece of the collective intelligence. Not even Kimera Systems can control the intelligence. Individuals can participate in the smarter world on their own terms.

Help Kimera make sure the global network remains decentralized as it is today. Support the company’s campaign to ensure that developers can continue to innovate at even a faster pace to help bring our world into the next era. Visit to join this movement.

About Kimera Systems
Kimera Systems produces the world’s first Strong AI technology to make phones and other networked devices smarter. Kimera’s breakthrough makes smartphones aware of users’ personal needs and the context of their activities. With this awareness, Kimera transforms passive apps and devices, which today require user inputs, into a dynamic services environment that constantly adapts to users’ needs. Kimera’s technology increases capabilities of favorite apps, and proactively launches apps and delivers information that assists a user’s everyday life. For more information visit

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