Lango Brings Spark and Flair to Facebook and Twitter with Seamless Social Sharing in Lango 5.0

Redesigned Lango app for iPhone and Android brings new features for self-expression
and fresh content that disrupt the messaging status quo to bring social posts to life

SAN FRANCISCO,California– MobilityWire® – August 27, 2013

Lango, the visual messaging service, today announced a redesigned platform for its iPhone and Android app, bringing a new look, added features and improved capabilities to the popular messaging service. Lango, the messaging app with the most features for communicating and sharing, was first launched in March 2013. This newest version of Lango takes on Facebook status updates and Twitter posts as its new frontier, disrupting the messaging status quo with visual and fun social sharing features never before possible through a mobile app.

Designed as the ultimate platform for self-expression and creative communication, Lango takes boring day-to-day texting, and evolves it with the addition of textable-icons called Sparks and user-generated custom images called Flair. Complementing Lango’s current text messaging portfolio, a new feature in Lango 5.0 lets people replace their plain, black and white, text-based Facebook status updates and Tweets with Lango Sparks and Flair. Lango 5.0 also brings advanced group chat features along with message status verification so Lango users know when their message has been delivered and read.

“Five months ago we launched Lango for iPhone and Android smartphones to give people a better way to express themselves and display their personalities and feelings within text-based messages,” said Udi Graff, Lango chairman and CEO. “We grew quickly with a steady stream of new users every day, and learned from our U.S. based customers that their messaging app is the single most important app they have on their phone. Our customers also expressed a strong desire to use fewer apps that can each do more. With this in mind we have brought new features to Lango, expanding beyond the peer-to-peer icon messaging space that we pioneered. With Lango 5.0 we are taking on Facebook status updates and Twitter posts, giving Lango fans fun and creative ways to express themselves and communicate with friends directly from the app using the content they create with Lango on their social profiles. Lango now brings the features and functionality of several apps, all packaged into one, elegantly designed and simple to use.”

As people text their messages, Lango’s predictive graphics engine within the app automatically suggests context-appropriate icons that add a new dimension to every message, allowing each person to express their personality and customize their message in ways not possible with other applications or standard emoticons and smilies.

Based on the input and usage experiences from its U.S.-based community of users, Lango redesigned its core messaging platform, and with the release of Lango 5.0, becomes the leading messaging service offering the most features to iPhone and Android users, all from a single app. No matter how people want to communicate: with Spark or Flair, to a single person, a select group of people, or their entire social media circle – Lango provides the tools to make that interaction fun and expressive.

Lango 5.0 includes these exciting new features, directly inspired by the apps’ users:

Seamless Social Media Sharing:Lango 5.0 lets people share the Sparks and Flair they design across Facebook and Twitter with literally the tap of a finger, creating a simple way to start and share memes or liven up a social profile. By tapping and holding a finger on any Spark or Flair created or received in the Lango app it can be automatically posted to a user’s social media of choice. Think of it as the next generation of status updates and Tweets, bringing color and the ultimate in personalization to one’s online presence. Goodbye plain text, hello beautiful Sparks and Flair.

Group Messaging:By simply tapping to select names from the address book, Lango users can create groups of two or more people for group chat. Messages sent to the group are sent simultaneously to each member. Lango also makes it easy to mute a particularly boisterous group conversation without having to leave the group.

Message Status:Lango now shows people when their messages have been delivered and read. As soon as the message arrives at the recipient’s Lango app, a gray checkmark appears. When the recipient opens the message to read it, the checkmark turns green.

Daily Content:There are now more than 1,000 images in Lango’s gallery of textable icons, a number which grows daily. Lango’s team of content artists are constantly creating icons relevant to pop culture and what’s going on in the world that are dynamically loaded into the app so that fresh, new spark and flair are available to users every day. Accompanying Lango 5.0 are new icon packages and additions to existing popular icon packs, specifically created for the U.S. audience. Most notably, Lango 5.0 launches with the brand new Kardashian textable icon pack, part of the #LivingTheIconLife Kardashian campaign.

Both the Android and iPhone versions of Lango 5.0 allow people to send text messages to non-Lango users on any phone, making it easy to use Lango as the primary messaging app.

Download Lango for Android from Google Play at, and Lango for iOS from the App Store at

About Lango:
Lango makes text messaging more meaningful and fun through its unique mobile visual messaging app. Lango is redefining what it means to send a text message and share images across social media channels. Lango employs a content team of artists that every day issue new icons that help people better express their personality and emotions in every text message they send. Based in San Francisco and focused primarily on the U.S. market, Lango is available for both iPhone and Android. To learn more about Lango or to download,visit

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