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Add context to your moods with the simple, intuitive and free MoodByWords app for iPhone and iPad

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TORONTO, November 18, 2014 /MobilityWire/ — MoodByWords ( today announced the availability of its iOS app for iPhones and iPads. MoodByWords is a simple, intuitive and beautiful app that allows people to express their moods by choosing the perfect quotes matching their moods, and then share them. MoodByWords is a free app, and also ad free.

MoodByWords lets people share quotes in different ways. Quotes are easily posted on Facebook or Twitter, or sent by SMS, messenger or email – whichever way the user chooses. Because MoodByWords does not require any registration, the app and the information it shares remains secure. There is a twist in the app – the shared quotes have encrypted hyperlinks that reveal how users felt at that moment and why they shared it.

“People share quotes all over the place and no one is asking why,” said Kevin Martin, one of the app’s developers. “Because people already use quotes often to express their feelings, we built MoodByWords just for them. With MoodByWords we invite people to ‘Express Yourself!’”

A person opens the MoodByWords app, picks her mood, finds a relevant quote and shares it with her intended audience or social network. Many people use emoticons or other images to share moods. But despite a picture being worth a thousand words, these images contain little context. By choosing just the right quote, a person is better able to explain the mood they’re in and why they’re in it.

MoodByWords is available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. An Android version is coming soon.

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About MoodByWords
Developed by two guys in Toronto, MoodByWords is a simple, intuitive and free app that allows people to express their moods by choosing the perfect quotes matching their moods, and then share them with a twist. For more information visit

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