Museum of Mobility History Collection Unveiled

MuMoH, the Museum of Mobility History, launches website
and wiki to showcase the evolution of mobility technologies

  • With a growing collection of more than 50 artifacts spanning over 100 years of mobility technology, the Museum of Mobility History, a private collection, will be made available online at
  • The collection includes many important technology firsts
  • The collection also includes print ads and other historical images of mobility technologies.
  • The collection is a project of Mobility Public Relations, a PR agency focused on mobility technology companies and organizations.
  • Sprung from a passion for mobility technology and a fascination for history, the collection was first used in place of art on shelves at the Mobility PR offices.
  • The collection soon grew large and finding new artifacts and researching them became an office pastime.
  • Each item in the collection will have a write up available on MuMoH’s blog.
  • In addition to writing about information, MuMoH is posting multimedia it is finding on other sources, such as a collection of early cell phone ads found on YouTube.
  • The online museum also includes a companion Wiki ( so that people with an interest in mobility technology can submit entries of their own or add detail to items already online.
  • Although not open to the public, the collection can be loaned or brought to places so it can be viewed in person.
  • The collection made its public debut inside a first grade classroom in Lake Oswego earlier this year.
  • The MuMoH will continue to grow both its physical collection and its virtual collection online.
  • To contribute to the collection online, people can create an account and login to and begin editing and posting right away.
  • To contribute to the physical collection or to inquire about borrowing the collection or having it travel to your location, send an email to

MuMoH's collection includes such items as:


John Sidline, Mobility Public Relations

“It’s particularly fun for an old guy like me to see the reaction of kids. I showed a nine year old boy a Mattel Football game from 1979, like the one I had when I was twelve. He asked me ‘where are all the players?’ and I pointed to the three rows of LED lights. He just quietly gave me a look of sympathy for my childhood plight. But it’s still fascinating to me to watch how children relate older technology to the modern things they have in their homes and take for granted.”

About MuMoH
MuMoH, the Museum of Mobility History, is a collection of artifacts spanning more than 100 years of mobility technology evolution. The collection can be viewed online at A companion Wiki is open to people with an interest in mobility technology to post their information at MuMoH is a project of Mobility Public Relations.


MuMoH The Museum of Mobility History

MuMoH Wiki Contribute to the MuMoH virtual collection

Mobility Public Relations The museum's caretakers


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