Ossia Unveils World’s First Commercially Viable Remote Wireless Power System

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Ossia’s revolutionary Cota wireless remote power system automatically charges multiple consumer electronics without line of sight from 30 feet

Ossia, Inc. (www.ossiainc.com), today came out of its stealth mode on the main stage of TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco by showcasing its groundbreaking wireless power technology dubbed Cota. The Cota technology, the first commercially viable remote wireless power system, redefines wireless power by automatically delivering targeted energy to multiple devices from as far away as 30 feet, without requiring line of sight. A 30 foot range is enough distance to cover an average two-story home, establishing a new paradigm in power distribution that allows people to use Cota to charge or power a wide range of devices well beyond smartphones, to include remote controls, cameras, video game controllers, flashlights, smoke detectors and more.

During his onstage demo at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, Ossia CEO, Hatem Zeine, lit LEDs and recharged a smartphone from a distance of 10 feet using a prototype Cota-powered transmitter. A video of the live demonstration can be seen here: http://mopr.co/cotabyossia.

“We have been developing the Cota technology in stealth for the last six years,” said Zeine. “By revealing for the very first time real wireless power that is remote, efficient and safe, Ossia expects to change everything you think you know about wireless power. Cota will unleash the imagination of product designers and entrepreneurs globally to innovate and create new products that only exist in a completely wireless state – one that is always on and always ready.”

Ossia’s patented smart antenna technology uses phased arrays to transfer power without the use of inductive coils, ultrasonic waves, magnetic resonance, charging pads or mats. The Cota technology consists of two parts: a charger and a receiver. The Cota-powered charger automatically locates Cota receivers built into devices or batteries, and delivers signals that are sent omnidirectionally. Once they hit the charger, these signals follow the same path back to the receiver, focusing energy at the exact location of the device. Cota continuously streams power to multiple devices, even as they move around a room. The laws of physics make the Cota technology inherently safe, naturally avoiding anything that absorbs energy, such as people, pets and even plants.

Under license from Ossia, consumer electronics OEMs and ODMs will include Cota receivers in new products and will build their own branded Cota transmitters. Existing battery-powered devices can also be easily retrofitted with Cota receivers, even if they are already equipped with one of the three pad-based charging systems. Other companies such as construction and energy businesses are already exploring non-consumer electronics applications for Cota-based wireless power.

Ossia was one of just 30 companies selected from more than 500 applicants from around the world that applied to launch onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt in front of more than 2,000 venture capitalists, journalists, industry influencers, technology innovators and enthusiasts. The company’s founder began his research and development in 2006, worked in stealth for many years and ultimately launched Ossia in 2013. The company received $3.2 million in funding and is currently raising a new round of venture capital.

About TechCrunch Disrupt
TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 (http://techcrunch.com/events/disrupt-sf-2013/) is TechCrunch’s seventh annual conference in San Francisco. The format combines top thought-leader discussions with new product and company launches. During morning executive discussions, technology-driven disruptions in many industries will be debated. Afternoons are reserved for the Startup Battlefield, where 30 new companies will launch for the first time on stage, selected to present from more than 1,000 applications received from around the world. The winning company will receive a $50,000 grand prize and the Disrupt Cup at the conclusion of the conference. The conference is Sept. 9-11, 2013, at The Concourse at San Francisco Design Center located at 635 8th St. (at Brannan) in San Francisco’s downtown SOMA district.

About Ossia
Ossia is challenging people’s core assumptions about what is possible with wireless power. Ossia’s flagship product, Cota, redefines wireless power by safely delivering remote, targeted energy to devices as far away as 30 feet. Built on Ossia’s patented smart antenna technology, Cota automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention, enabling an efficient and truly wire-free, powered-up world, that is always on and always connected. Headquartered in Redmond, Wash., Ossia has operated in stealth since its founding in 2008, and publicly launched at Disrupt San Francisco 2013. Visit our website at www.ossiainc.com.

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