PaymentOne Offers Android Developers the Easiest Way to Monetize Apps and In-App Content


PayOne Mobile SDK gives developers access to over 3.5 billion consumers in 70 countries with just a few lines of code

With more than 250 million Android handsets in use around the world, the platform has established its dominance in the smartphone marketplace. Yet developers of the over 300,000 apps in the Android app market still face significant hurdles trying to make money from their Android creations. To help solve this problem for Android developers, PaymentOne Corporation® (, a global leader in mobile payments, today announced the availability of its PayOne Mobile SDK with Android One Click API, the easiest way for developers to monetize premium and freemium Android apps.

“The toughest challenge any developer faces is how to make money from their apps,” said Brad Singer, executive vice president of PaymentOne. “Freemium is a great business model to engage consumers, and we enable developers to remove all friction at the point of purchase while maintaining a highly secure transaction. In a world where every connected device is ‘commerce ready,’ PaymentOne’s SDKs continue to optimize the payment process for the specific device, platform, media and user experience.”

By adding the simple Android One Click API from the PayOne Mobile SDK in their code, Android developers can begin making money from app downloads and in-app purchases made over the PaymentOne network, spanning more than 70 countries and 3.5 billion consumers. PaymentOne pioneered direct carrier billing and no-credit-card-required payments, and has been innovating simple user experiences that deliver secure “fraud-proof” transactions for more than a decade.

PaymentOne has already processed in excess of $5 billion direct to carrier billings with micro transactions typical of in-app purchases. The company, which has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its customer support, also features the fastest merchant payout rate in the industry.

Designed for minimal disruption, the PayOne Mobile SDK is the ideal payments platform for mobile applications. The SDK’s Android One Click API enables the easiest possible in-app payment method:

  • Consumer clicks a “get more <item>” button which triggers the payment process
  • Through the One Click API, the app automatically identifies the mobile phone number
  • A text message containing a validation code is then sent to the phone, and the app automatically pulls the code from the message
  • The purchase then appears on the customer’s bill

By eliminating the need for users to enter long strings of text to provide their name, number, billing address, credit card information and PIN into the 2-inch screen, PaymentOne keeps the user in the app and eliminates room for error and the frustration of a separate multi-step checkout process.

King of Trivia, an Android game developed by (, leverages the PayOne Mobile SDK to offer mobile payments through PaymentOne to players of its multi-faceted social trivia game.

“We didn’t want King of Trivia players to be hassled with entering their personal credit card information while they are engaged in-game,” said Ashok Varma, founder and CEO. “The PaymentOne Android payment process is truly a one click experience. Users don’t have to enter their phone number or even a PIN code; the app does it all. Using mobile payments powered by PaymentOne also expands our market globally, and allows our audience of gamers that make in-app purchases to include non-credit card users and those who just aren’t comfortable sharing their private information.”

The PayOne Mobile SDK and Android One Click API are free for developers to use. A transaction fee based on a percentage of each transaction is assessed to merchants. To start using the PayOne Mobile SDK and Android One Click API for your mobile app, contact to set-up your developer account.

About PaymentOne

PaymentOne Corporation is the global leader in mobile payments and carrier billing, making it easy and convenient for consumers to charge digital purchases from any connected device to their mobile, broadband or home phone bills. Digital merchants, publishers and content providers have leveraged PaymentOne’s Carrier Network of 1200 telecom operators in 70 countries – reaching over 3.5 billion consumers – to generate more than $5 billion in new incremental revenue. PaymentOne’s ability to deliver the highest monetization for its merchants and its first rate customer service has earned the company the lowest client churn rate in the business. Profitable and privately held, PaymentOne is based in the Silicon Valley. For more information visit


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