Redline Launches Additional Licensed Spectrum Products

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RDL-3000 wireless broadband product family now available in the 3.5 GHz licensed band, helps Telecom Operators re-use spectrum as they migrate to LTE

TORONTO – MobilityWire® – February 13, 2013

Redline Communications Group Inc. (TSX: RDL), a leading provider of broadband wireless solutions for industrial and telecom applications, today announced that their entire family of RDL-3000 wireless broadband systems now operates in the 3300-3800 MHz licensed band (known as 3.5 GHz), one of the licensed spectrum profiles used by telecom operators.

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Redline counts more than 200 telecom operators among their customers. Like many telecom providers, Redline’s customers have been migrating away from the WiMAX standard to take advantage of the more powerful LTE standard for delivering mobile voice and data services, leaving behind expensive and now underutilized 3.5 GHz spectrum. Like LTE, Redline’s RDL-3000 system offers higher speeds, lower latency and greater capacity than WiMAX, but unlike LTE it operates in the 3.5 GHz licensed band. With this new offering from Redline, operators can use their 3.5 GHz spectrum to deliver high quality fixed services to their most demanding customers while they use their LTE spectrum for mobile services.

One of the first Redline customers to use the RDL-3000 system for 3.5 GHz is Pakistan’s leading cellular and Blackberry service provider, Mobilink. With more than 35 million subscribers and Pakistan’s largest voice and data network, Mobilink has built its reputation through delivery of cutting-edge, integrated technology and the largest portfolio of value added services available in the region. A longtime customer of Redline’s wireless products, Mobilink is purchasing Redline’s more powerful RDL-3000 based product line for all future use of its 3.5 GHz licensed spectrum.

“We developed the RDL-3000 3.5 GHz product as part of deliberate migration strategy for our telecom operator customers who are migrating to LTE for mobile services,” said Rob Williams, chief operating officer of Redline Communications. “As they move their mobile customers to LTE and their 3.5 GHz spectrum becomes available, they can now use it to deliver high end fixed services with LTE-like speeds. Using Redline’s RDL-3000 they will continue to realize a return on the millions of dollars they’ve invested in 3.5 GHz spectrum.”

The RDL-3000 family consists of the RD-3000 SC (Sector Controller) with GPS and Synchronization, the RDL-3000 Subscriber Unit with external antenna ranging from 37 cm panel to 60 cm parabolic, the Enterprise as well as the eLTE-MT.

For the delivery of business access services, the software-configured RDL-3000 allows for Point-To-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint applications, customizable quality of service controls and the ability to remotely change the delivered bandwidth on a unit-by-unit basis.

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Redline Communications is the innovator of Virtual Fiber™, a specialized wireless broadband system used by companies and governments worldwide to cost-effectively deploy distributed services and applications. Redline Virtual Fiber™ solutions are used to facilitate and enhance public safety networks, deploy and extend secure networks, connect digital oil fields and smart grids, and bring dedicated Internet access wherever and whenever it’s needed. Redline has been delivering powerful, versatile and reliable wireless systems to governments, the military, oil and gas, and the telecom industry for over a decade through its global network of certified partners. For more information visit

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