“Supermajor” Oil Company Selects Redline Communications for Field Wireless Networking

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Redline Communications (www.rdlcom.com) Group Inc. (TSX: RDL), a leading provider of broadband wireless solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications announced today that its portfolio of Virtual Fiber™ rugged wireless broadband network systems has been selected by one of the 5 largest publicly-owned global oil and gas companies, collectively known as the “supermajors,” for its oilfield wide area networks.

“Oil and gas companies are demanding when it comes to their mission critical infrastructure, so it’s a significant accomplishment to have proven in their fields that we can meet all their networking needs,” said Robert Williams, interim CEO of Redline. “It’s a tremendous vote of confidence in our company, our research and development team and our equipment to have this multinational company select our technology. We have already received our first order to connect the machines, sensors and people in one field, and we are having ongoing conversations about building networks in six more. Redline expects this will be a long and mutually rewarding relationship.”

The oil and gas industry has some unique challenges that add complexities to building high-speed networks. These challenges include the terrain, topography and environment of oilfields, which can be found in hot arid deserts, sub-zero arctic mountains, humid rainforests, and offshore in deep water. Within these fields, equipment must withstand anything nature can throw at it, continuing to operate reliably in sandstorms, hurricanes and blizzards. Redline equipment is purpose-built for these conditions, thriving in temperatures ranging from -40° F to +167° F (-40° C to +75° C), with the lowest failure rate in the industry.

Because this supermajor oil and gas producer operates internationally, it must also deal with a vast array of regulations governing the use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum, which can vary wildly from country to country. With Redline equipment built on its recently announced Universal Wireless Transport™ (UWT™) platform, the same network equipment can be deployed anywhere in the world, operating on the optimal frequency to meet both networking requirements and local government restrictions.

Redline network equipment, particularly on nomadic assets such as oil rigs that are frequently moving from place to place, is engineered to be easy to set up and operate by oilfield employees and contractors. Redline’s Rapid Alignment System (RAS) nomadic wireless broadband platform operates with zero-touch configuration, automatically connecting these moveable network endpoints to the wide area network.

Called Virtual Fiber™ for a reason, Redline network systems give oil and gas customers the longest range, fastest speeds and lowest latency of any other wireless system available, operating more like fiber optic networks which are too costly and impractical for most oil and gas applications. These network attributes mean Redline equipment can be used for a wide range of applications in the oilfield, including the expanding use of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations, SCADA networks, real-time video surveillance and video collaboration, as well as traditional data and voice communications.

Many other oil and gas producers also rely on Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ network systems for regional and worldwide deployments. To learn more about Redline’s solutions for the oil and gas industry, visit http://rdlcom.com/industries/energy.

About Redline Communications
Redline Communications (www.rdlcom.com) is the innovator of Virtual Fiber™, a specialized wireless broadband solution used to cost-effectively deploy and extend secure networks, enable M2M applications, connect digital oilfields and smart grids, facilitate and enhance public safety networks, and bring Internet access wherever and whenever it’s needed – regardless of terrain or how remote. For more than a decade Redline has delivered powerful, versatile and reliable wireless solutions to governments, militaries, oil and gas companies and telecom service providers through its global network of certified partners. For more information visit www.rdlcom.com.

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