Spendvision Expands its North American Presence with Opening of a New Office in San Francisco

New US office located at the heart of one of the nation’s premier financial districts


Spendvision, a global provider of total transaction management solutions, has announced the opening of a new US office, strategically located at the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. The office will complement other locations worldwide, enabling Spendvision to expand its North American presence and better serve its existing customers and partners in the region.

San Francisco is a major finance and technology center for all of North America, the home to many of the nation’s largest corporations and in close proximity to Silicon Valley, which itself is home to more than 20 Fortune 1000 companies that can benefit from Spendvision’s transaction management solution. Spendvision aims to gradually grow the office, which will be responsible for the company’s North American sales effort and for providing service and support to Spendvision’s key US customers and partners.

The Spendvision solution is a single platform capable of tracking and managing corporate transactions across banking, telecoms and travel in multiple locations, languages and currencies – giving CFOs greater insight into all types of transactions by making information easy to access, search and understand.

Spendvision’s comprehensive transaction management platform is used by major corporations worldwide, including the company’s most recently announced customer, Rio Tinto, a multinational mining giant. Spendvision’s major North American customers currently include SunTrust Bank and Visa, which is rolling out the Spendvision solution to Visa’s issuing banks nationwide. The new location will complement Spendvision’s existing offices in the UK, US, Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

“Our new US office is on the doorstep of key financial institutions and will enable us to continue expanding throughout North America, as well as increasing support for our partners such as SunTrust and Visa,” said Robert Kirby, CEO of Spendvision. “We’re growing fast in the US, and this is largely the result of corporations worldwide seeking even greater efficiencies in order to minimize costs, streamline operations and increase profits – this ultimately makes Spendvision’s solutions very attractive to companies with global operations.”

About Spendvision

Spendvision is a leading innovator of transaction management solutions. Through just one technology platform Spendvision delivers more effective purchasing that increases business profitability, improves decision making and delivers greater control and compliance. All this across the broadest range of transactions from simple cash, card, online travel bookings and telecoms right through to interactive coding, requisitions and dynamically funded accounts.

Spendvision is headquartered in the UK with offices in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore and works with leading customers and partners around the world. The Spendvision solution is available direct to businesses and through partners across the banking, telecommunications and travel sectors that provide the solution to their customers in their own brand. www.spendvision.com


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