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Talkster’s Free World Dialing, the only service offering free long distance, international and group conference calls from any phone on any network, launched at CTIA last Monday where it won Laptop Magazine’s Best Overall Service Award amidst a lot of positive buzz. With many so-called “free” calling offers out there that actually cost money to use, the overwhelming first reaction from people who have tried Talkster’s Free World Dialing is that really free long distance, international and group calls without talk time limits are just too good to be true. Is it too good to be true? In the Q&A below Talkster directly addresses the most common questions being asked about its new service.

Is there a limit to the number of minutes I can talk?

No, there are no limits to the time you can talk for free using Talkster’s Free World Dialing. Listen to a single 10-second audio ad and talk as long as you like — to one friend or up to five people in a Talkster Groups™ call.

Will I ever pay to use Talkster?

All Talkster Free World Dialing calls are supported by advertising offers, so you never have to pay to talk to your friends around the world. We don’t take your credit card number or ask you to deposit money in any way. At Talkster, free actually means free. Completely free.

Is Talkster like “cheap” calling services such as Rebtel?

  • With Talkster there are no limits to the free talk time we offer – Talk as long as you like – for free. Free is a lot less expensive than “cheap.”
  • Talkster doesn’t require that you create an account, ask you for your credit card nor require you to share any personal information to use Free World Dialing, no matter how long you talk – other services do.
  • Talkster Groups lets you arrange conference calls so you can talk to groups of friends around the world for free, too! Your friends can be local or far away, and you will always have one number to reach this group of friends.
  • The Talkster service is ad-supported which means you not only get free calling but you also get the opportunity to opt-in for valuable offers and promotions you won’t find elsewhere
  • There is no bait and switch with Talkster. The same registration-free, no-cost service that we offer you the first time you use Talkster will be the service you can expect every time you place a call. We don’t entice you with a free trial offer then ask you to switch over to a paid service because with Talkster our service is always free.
  • You’ll be impressed with the quality of the calls, too. The networks on some “cheap” calling services make the calls sound like cheap calls. We’ve heard time and again how crystal clear our network is and how good the call quality is. If you don’t believe us, try it – after all, it won’t cost a thing to try Talkster.

Talkster’s Free World Dialing was created for people who have friends or family all over the world but are reluctant to call them because of the expense. Talkster has been in the business of cheap calling offers before, and we learned from our beta tests that people aren’t looking for just cheap calls. Based on the feedback we received in our beta test and from the international calling community, we designed Talkster’s Free World Dialing with a commitment to a fully sustainable ad-supported free calling business model.

Our competitors may offer some stuff for free, but in order to sustain their business model they must charge their users for other features, hoping that the paid service will offset the cost of their limited “free service.” Free offers that require a credit card are not consumer friendly, are they? And free services that produce no revenue for the company that provide them is hardly sustainable. When you think about it, Talkster doesn’t have a competitor in this space, at least not yet.

Why is the voice quality of the Talkster service so good?

Talkster calls go over the Talkster managed network, not a cheap low-quality VoIP circuit. While companies offering cheap VoIP calling are looking to drive the cost of the call as close to zero as possible, they end up sacrificing call quality. Because Talkster calls are placed over our own network, we manage the quality of the connection to ensure consistently reliable and high quality calls internationally, even for Talkster Groups calls placed from multiple locations around the world.

How many countries are supported by the Talkster service?

Talkster currently offers free calls to and from 29 countries with new countries being added weekly. Because at Talkster quality is important, we are expanding our network methodically. We expect to announce coverage expansion on a regular basis, including a forthcoming service feature that will extend the Talkster Free World Dialing capabilities to VoIP restricted countries in the Middle East, Caribbean and parts of South America. Stay tuned for that exciting announcement — coming soon!

What is the Talkster Facebook® Application?

The Talkster Free World Dialing application inside Facebook gives callers one more place to create Talkster Groups conference calls and set-up and manage their Talkster contacts. It doesn’t matter how you invited your friend to talk with you on Talkster (whether from your computer, mobile phone or from your Facebook friends). All your Talkster numbers are automatically populated into your Facebook profile once you add our application. As an added benefit, the Talkster Free World Dialing application in Facebook allows you to call your Facebook friends while still maintaining the anonymity of your personal phone number.

What can we expect from Talkster in the future?

The revolutionary work taking place in Talkster’s labs continues at a breakneck pace.

Talkster’s history of innovation will continue and expand the reach of Free World Dialing even further. Remember, Talkster was the first company that let people place calls from mobile phones to instant messenger services like Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Google Talk – all services without phone numbers. You can be assured there are many exciting developments in store for Talkster users that will make staying in touch with friends – both near and far – easy, fun and always free.




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Talkster’s award winning voice technologies are revolutionizing international and long distance calling with a fully sustainable mobile advertising supported business model which benefits both callers and advertisers. Talkster’s Free World Dialing™ is the only service for making completely free long distance, international, and group conference calls from any phone, on any network, and is publicly available at, and on Facebook®. With FREE international, long distance, and Talkster Groups™ calls, who will you call? For more information on Talkster please visit

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