Free Talkster International and Group Conference Calls Just One Click Away with New iPhone Firmware Update


Talkster’s iPhone-optimized service is now even easier to use with recent enhancements that let callers place the Talkster service icon on the main screen of their phones.

Now iPhone users have an even easier way to make free international, long-distance and group conference calls. With just a single click of an icon from the iPhone’s main screen, you can launch the Talkster service and begin making free calls to friends and family around the world. As always, once you’ve created a Talkster number for a friend or group of friends and saved it in your address book, you need only select them directly from your phone book to place the call.

Follow these easy steps to place the Talkster icon on your iPhone’s main screen:

Step One:
Connect your iPhone to iTunes and update the phone’s firmware to version 1.1.3 (or later).

Step Two:
Open the Safari web browser and surf to

Step Three:
Click on the new “+” symbol at the bottom of the screen. Once you do, you’ll be presented with three options:

  • Add Bookmark
  • Add to Home Screen
  • Mail Link to this Page

Step Four:
Click on “Add to Home Screen.” You’ll be shown the new Talkster iPhone icon and be able to give it a title (such as “Talkster”) to add to your iPhone’s main screen.

The new 1.1.3 firmware also lets you move the icon around the screen to place it in an order you like. You can find instructions on how to rearrange icons and use more of the new features now available for the iPhone by clicking here and here.

Step Five:
You can repeat steps two and three, but this time select “Mail Link to this Page” to share Talkster with your friends!

iPhone conference calls with Talkster
With traditional iPhone conference calling, the process can be tedious, increasing minute usage and frustration. Conference calls also require iPhone users to pay even higher costs for an international and long-distance connection. With Talkster, users can create a group of up to 5 people, generating a local number each participant in the call. This process is one-time only, and with the new Talkster icon for the iPhone, an easy way to keep in touch.

Ads foot the bill for free calls
Calls with Talkster are free because the service is ad-supported, meaning all calls are subsidized by advertising, much like television and radio. In order to access free long-distance, international, and group conference calling, users listen to a 10-second ad and then are free to talk as long as they like with no talk time limits.

Sign up now

Talkster has several sign-up options for users:

  1. Visit from your computer
  2. Visit from any mobile phone browser, or
  3. Visit Talkster’s iPhone optimized site at
  4. Add Talkster’s Free World Dialing Application on social networking site, Facebook:


Talkster COO James Wanless

“It doesn’t get any easier than click and talk. Placing the Talkster icon on your phone’s main screen gives you an even faster way to setup cost-free and hassle-free long distance, international and group conference calls.”

About Talkster
Talkster’s award winning voice technologies are changing international and long distance calling with a fully sustainable mobile advertising supported business model which benefits both callers and advertisers. Talkster’s Free World Dialing™ is the only service for making completely free long distance, international, and conference calls from any phone, on any network. With FREE international, long distance, and conference calling, who will you call? For more information on Talkster please visit


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