Talkster Brings Free International and Group Calling to China

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Free Calls Year-Round from any Phone

  • Celebrate this Chinese New Year by connecting with family and friends in China using the award-winning Talkster Free World Dialing, a free ad-supported calling service offering unlimited group and person-to-person calls.
  • Talkster announced today the immediate availability of country-wide coverage for Talkster’s Free World Dialing™ in China.
  • With this expansion into China Talkster is meeting the demands of callers making long distance, international and group conference calls to or from any fixed or mobile phone in China; all for the cost of a single local call.
  • One-fifth of the world’s population residing in China, innovative Voice 2.0 company.
  • With Talkster, callers listen to a brief 10-second audio advertisement, and then can talk as long as they like in more than 30 countries around the globe.
  • To complement this new service coverage, Talkster has also translated its service into Simple Chines, the form of written Chinese read in Mainland China.
  • Consumers wanting to use the Talkster service in Chinese can visit

How it Works:

  • People around the world are already using Talkster’s Free World Dialing service today by visiting
  • From any one of these sites, callers simply enter their name and phone number, along with the names and phone numbers of the person or persons they want to call.
  • Talkster assigns free local Talkster numbers for each person or group of people a user wants to call.
  • These new phone numbers can be saved in any address book or contact list and used every time a Talkster user wants to talk for free.

Win-Win for Advertisers:

  • Callers receive a valuable service for free while Talkster offers advertisers a unique way to access and target emerging markets with unique messages based on where users are calling from or calling to. 
  • By adding service in China, Talkster is opening an important advertising channel to the world’s largest population. 
  • Being able to target ads to callers based on singular or combined demographic data means advertisers reach the right people with their marketing messages, and callers receive valuable offers designed specifically for them.
  • When ads are targeted and relevant, consumers are more apt to view them as offers rather than intrusions.

James Wanless, Talkster co-founder and COO

“Talkster is continuously expanding our service area to cover the globe and to meet the demand of the thousands of people who contact us each week looking for us to add access to their country. Talkster worked hard to blanket all of China with our service and get it up, tested and operational in advance of the Chinese New Year.  Starting today Talkster can be used from any phone in China, mobile or fixed.”

“This is not some limited time promotional offer, or bait and switch deal for callers where it’s free now but will cost them later. This announcement means that with Talkster all international, long distance and group calls are always just the cost of a local call, and will remain this way with no strings attached.”

About Talkster
Talkster’s award winning voice technologies are revolutionizing ad-supported telephony with a fully sustainable mobile advertising supported business model which benefits both callers and advertisers. Talkster’s Free World Dialing™ is the only service for making long distance, international, and group conference calls from any type of phone, on any network, for the cost of a local call. For more information visit Talkster on the Web at, from your mobile phone at, or from your iPhone at 


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