Talkster Brings Free International and Group Calling to Mexico

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Free Calls Year-Round From Any Phone

  • Talkster ( announced today it will launch its award-winning Free World Dialing™ service across the 14 most populous regions in Mexico, allowing people there and in over 30 other countries to place free long distance, international and group conference calls from any phone, using any network.  
  • Talkster is launching this new service availability in Mexico just in time for Cinco de Mayo, the largest Mexican holiday celebration in the United States and Canada.   
  • Now people all over the world can celebrate this Cinco de Mayo holiday by making unlimited calls to family and friends in Mexico using Talkster’s free, ad-supported calling service. With Talkster, callers listen to a brief 10-second audio advertisement and then can talk as long as they like without interruptions – all for the cost of a single local call.
  • People around the world are already using Talkster’s Free World Dialing service today by visiting
  • From any one of these sites, callers simply enter their name and phone number, along with the names and phone numbers of the person or persons they want to call.  Talkster assigns free local Talkster numbers for each person or group of people a user wants to call.  These new phone numbers can be saved in any address book or contact list and used every time a Talkster user wants to talk for free.

James Wanless, Co-founder and COO

“Talkster is continuously expanding our service area to cover the globe and to meet the demand for cheaper international, group and long distance calls.  We have received thousands of email requests expand our coverage area in Mexico, and we responded by covering nearly all of Mexico with our free calling services in advance of this year’s Cinco de Mayo holiday.”

“Today in the United States, calling card services have been addressing an ever-increasing need for affordable calling to and from Mexico. But the Talkster service differs from using a calling card in two important ways: first, our service is far easier to use from any phone without having to go out and buy a card, and second, Talkster’s Free World Dialing is always free, with no hidden charges. We don’t ever ask for a credit card number.”

About Talkster
Talkster’s award winning voice technologies are revolutionizing ad-supported telephony with a fully sustainable mobile advertising supported business model that benefits both callers and advertisers. Talkster’s Free World Dialing™ is the only service for making long distance, international, and group conference calls from any type of phone, on any network, for the cost of a local call. For more information visit Talkster on the Web at


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