Mixed Signals Introduces Content Monitoring Solution for Cable TV Networks and Broadcasters

Sentry can identify video and audio errors including EBIF and loudness

Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals, the leading provider of digital content monitoring solutions, has expanded its award-winning Sentry® line of digital content monitors with a new version optimized for cable TV networks and broadcasters, enabling them to know that their programming content is free from video, audio and embedded data errors before it is sent for redistribution by video service providers.

Everyday hundreds of cable TV networks and broadcasters deliver their programming content to the video service providers who in turn deliver it to tens of millions of homes across the U.S. Video and audio errors can occur at multiple points in the delivery chain and Mixed Signals’ Sentry provides the ability to verify the quality of the programming content before it leaves their facilities, whether it’s in MPEG-2 or H.264. Complementing its program monitoring capabilities, Sentry also enables cable TV networks and broadcasters to check that ads and Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) triggers are properly embedded within their programming. The company also participated in an industry committee to provide a monitoring solution related to the Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation (CALM) act.

“Delivery of high quality content is critical to the ongoing success of cable TV networks and broadcasters. By using Sentry, they can now know the content is compressed without errors and have an apples-to-apples comparison with service providers on the other side,” said Eric Conley, CEO of Mixed Signals. “As it discovers errors, Sentry helps them quickly diagnose and fix the underlying issues.”

EBIF and audio loudness generate errors that must be monitored comprehensively with video and audio quality and uptime. Sentry gives cable TV networks and broadcasters the ability to monitor all of their programming in real-time for any errors related to eTV or to video and audio quality issues such as tiling, pixelization, loss of video or audio, and audio level issues.

About Sentry
Mixed Signals’ award-winning Sentry is a comprehensive and scalable monitoring solution that uniquely enables video service providers to better manage their networks to deliver services with optimum quality and to reduce their operational expenses. Sentry identifies anomalies in the network at the IP and MPEG layers, as well as in quality of experience (QoE), identifying hundreds of issues, including video freeze, video black and the loss of audio, which represent the bulk of trouble calls from subscribers. Sentry’s single rack unit (RU) appliance ensures easy deployment in even the smallest hubs and its ability to be remotely managed eliminates the need for technicians to service Sentrys installed in remote locations.

Sentry is in widespread use with top tier video service providers, including the top nine U.S cable operators, three of the top five Canadian cable operators and other providers all over the globe.

Complementing its sales success, Sentry’s advanced capabilities and market-leading performance have been recognized with seven industry awards.

About Mixed Signals
Mixed Signals’ industry-leading digital content monitoring solutions enable video service providers to proactively identify, diagnose and repair picture and audio quality errors that degrade the television viewing experience. Proven in deployments worldwide – including nine of the 10 largest U.S. cable television operators – Mixed Signals’ solutions utilize deep packet inspection techniques and other advanced monitoring capabilities to detect errors that competitive products often miss. In addition to ensuring the best possible quality of experience (QoE) for their subscribers, Mixed Signals’ solutions enable video service providers to increase uptime and reduce their operational expenses by eliminating the traditional labor-intensive and time-consuming process for troubleshooting video and audio errors.

For more information visit www.mixedsignals.com or call 310.227.8620.


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