TextArrest Supports National Youth Traffic Safety Month 2010

TextArrest’s safe driving app showcased during NAFA 2010 I&E, RIMS 2010, NOYS Spring Meeting and Oprah’s No Phone Zone Day activities


TextArrest (www.TextArrest.com), the safe driving solution for families, fleets, and safety-minded individuals, announced today its support of May 2010 as National Youth Traffic Safety month. TextArrest will kick off its traffic safety efforts through its participation at the NAFA Fleet Management Association 2010 Institute & Expo (NAFA 2010 I&E), The Risk and Insurance Management Society’s 2010 Annual Conference & Exhibition (RIMS 2010), the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) Spring Meeting, and Oprah’s No Phone Zone Day.

NAFA 2010 I&E

  • Dates:  April 24-27, 2010
  • Location:  Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan
  • TextArrest Booth:  #207
  • About:  TextArrest executives will join commercial and government fleet professionals at NAFA’s 2010 I&E to conduct business development meetings and demonstrate the ways that companies can benefit from using the TextArrest safe driving solutions to eliminate distracted driving and reduce the risk of accidents caused by mobile phone use from behind the wheel. For more information on this event visit: http://www.nafaiande.org/

RIMS 2010

  • Dates:  April 25-29, 2010
  • Location:   Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts
  • TextArrest Booth:  #101
  • About:  TextArrest executives will join some 10,000 risk and insurance professionals for this five-day event to discuss and demonstrate how the TextArrest safe driving solution fits into the future of insurance coverage, offering policy holders extra safety and value while reducing the overall incidents of accidents and insurance liabilities for carriers. For more information on this event visit: http://www.rims.org/annualconference/RIMS2010/

NOYS Spring Meeting

  • Dates:  April 29-30, 2010
  • Location:  Washington, D.C.
  • About:  National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) is an effective coalition that develops collaboration between national organizations, businesses, and government agencies that focus on youth safety and health. NOYS members unite the power of youth led and youth serving organizations, businesses and government agencies to address issues such as distracted driving, and empower youth to take action and lead through peer to peer education and service learning. TextArrest executives will join NOYS members, along with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, to discuss distracted driving issues and legislation, and to put in place plans and campaigns for programs that work towards solutions to the number one killer of teens in the US – – traffic accidents.

Oprah’s No Phone Zone Day

  • Dates:  Friday, April 30, 2010
  • Location:  Washington, D.C.
  • About:  Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Studios are taking a stand against distracted driving, launching a new public service announcement campaign and joining forces with some of the country’s preeminent transportation safety organizations to declare Friday, April 30 the first national “No Phone Zone Day.” TextArrest will participate in the large-scale effort to honor victims of distracted driving. “No Phone Zone Day” will also educate and activate Americans to end the deadly driving habits that kill nearly 6,000 Americans a year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    On Friday April 30, The Oprah Winfrey Show will present a special live episode devoted to ending distracted driving. In conjunction with the episode, TextArrest executives will participate in Harpo Studios’ “No Phone Zone Day” viewing rally to be held in Washington, D.C.  For more information on “No Phone Zone Day,” and to take the No Phone Zone pledge, visit www.oprah.com/nophonezone.

About TextArrest
TextArrest is a software company dedicated to making the roads safer by eliminating distractions created when drivers use mobile phones.  TextArrest uses features common in today’s smartphones to set and enforce parameters for safe use of mobile phones inside moving vehicles. From disabling text messaging and calling capabilities while a person is driving to tracking the movement and location of mobile phones in transit, TextArrest provides control coupled with a Web-based portal delivering real time information on phone usage and location. Founded in 2009 by a doctor with emergency room and trauma center background, TextArrest is the solution for concerned parents, dispatchers, and fleet managers to the growing problem of people driven to distraction by mobile phone use in cars. For more information on TextArrest visit www.TextArrest.com.

About National Youth Traffic Safety Month
In the U.S. more than 5,000 youth die every year in car crashes. Crashes are the number one cause of death and injury of teens in the U.S.  Crashes take more lives of our youth than alcohol, drugs, violence, and suicide. Youth Traffic Safety is no accident and steps can be taken to help protect youth and encourage them to stay safe on the roads. For more information visit http://noys.org/YouthTrafSafe/toolkit.html.


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