TextArrest Offers Free Safe Driving App in Support of National Youth Traffic Safety Month 2010

Free mobile application and service from TextArrest prevents the temptation teen drivers have to use their cell phones from behind the wheel, limiting distracted driving and saving lives


TextArrest, the safe driving solution designed to prevent distracted driving, announced today its support of May 2010 as National Youth Traffic Safety Month with a special promotion. In support of National Youth Traffic Safety Month TextArrest is offering completely free subscriptions to its safe driving application and subscription services for the entire month of May 2010. Drivers of all ages are invited to download the TextArrest app today at www.TextArrest.com to proactively prevent the temptation to use their cell phones while driving.

By installing the TextArrest application on their smartphones drivers are taking the right step to prevent the gruesome and totally avoidable distracted driving accidents that kill thousands of people each year. During the month of May, TextArrest will offer its TextArrest Free™ and TextArrest Family™ services absolutely free to all drivers who visit the TextArrest website.

TextArrest Free is a free smartphone application that delivers the most important function of TextArrest: the automatic switching off of text message and calling functions while a phone is in motion. It features a customizable auto response from the user to inform people sending text messages that their messages will be delivered once the user has safely stopped driving.

TextArrest Family is a subscription based service that lets parents control how mobile phones are used when family members are driving. In addition to all of the safety features of TextArrest Free, TextArrest Family includes a Web-based portal where parents can pinpoint phones on a map and set up customizable alerts to be notified in real time when family members override TextArrest (in case of an emergency), exceed a set speed limit, or travel outside of a set “geofenced” location boundary.

“Doing something smart to prevent distracted driving is as easy as putting your phone in your trunk or glove box when you get in your car so you’re not tempted to use it while driving, but most teens just don’t,” says Dr. David Lanzkowsky, TextArrest Founder and Chairman. “The need to stay connected with friends and be part of the social graph is so important to some youth that they let their common sense get away from them. They rationalize it, believing they can easily text from behind the wheel without it affecting their ability to drive safely. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is exactly why we developed TextArrest. We are here to help drivers help themselves stay safe on the road.”

National Youth Traffic Safety Month, May 2010, is an annual campaign that empowers youth to take action to address youth traffic safety through peer to peer education, support for increased enforcement, and advocacy for stronger laws to protect young drivers. Established in 2007 by National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS), NYTSM is the largest youth-led youth traffic safety national campaign in the US. TextArrest is supporting NYTSM and invites anyone interested in preventing the senseless and completely avoidable distracted driving accidents that are killing thousands of people a year to add their support. Anyone can participate in NYTSM activities. To find project planning materials, to register your project, or to find events and celebrations in your community, visit www.noys.org.

TextArrest will kick off its support of National Youth Traffic Safety month with company-wide participation at the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) Spring Meeting on April 29th and Oprah’s No Phone Zone Day rally on April 30th, both in Washington, D.C.

For more information on “No Phone Zone Day,” and to take the No Phone Zone pledge, visit www.oprah.com/nophonezone.

To download TextArrest to your BlackBerry or Android smartphone today visit www.TextArrest.com. Support for iPhone and other mobile phone platforms is coming soon.

About TextArrest
TextArrest is a software company dedicated to making the roads safer by eliminating distractions created when drivers use mobile phones. TextArrest uses features common in today’s smartphones to set and enforce parameters for safe use of mobile phones inside moving vehicles. From disabling text messaging and calling capabilities while a person is driving to tracking the movement and location of mobile phones in transit, TextArrest provides control coupled with a Web-based portal delivering real time information on phone usage and location. Founded in 2009 by a doctor with emergency room and trauma center background, TextArrest is the solution for concerned parents, dispatchers, and fleet managers to the growing problem of people driven to distraction by mobile phone use in cars. For more information on TextArrest visit www.TextArrest.com.

About National Youth Traffic Safety Month
In the U.S. more than 5,000 youth die every year in car crashes. Crashes are the number one cause of death and injury of teens in the U.S. Crashes take more lives of our youth than alcohol, drugs, violence, and suicide. Youth Traffic Safety is no accident and steps can be taken to help protect youth and encourage them to stay safe on the roads. For more information visit http://noys.org/YouthTrafSafe/toolkit.html.

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