Tubaloo Announces Private Beta of Android VoIP Service

Tubaloo is the first complete VoIP service for Android to use 3G data networks


Tubaloo (www.tubaloo.com) today announced the beginning of private beta testing for its much anticipated voice over Internet (VoIP) service for Android smartphones. Tubaloo is inviting Android users all over the world to join a revolution in mobile – and never pay outrageous bills for making phone calls ever again!

The problem with other services that promise to reduce rates or provide free long distance calls is they make you do something new, whether that is launching a new application or performing extra steps in the calling process. Tubaloo on the other hand works just like, well, your Android phone. You download a small, free application and launch it once to enter your settings and preferences; set it and forget, then continue to use your phone just like you always have. The only other time you need to launch the Tubaloo application is if you need to change any settings.

When you place a call, the Tubaloo application uses its MINU$TM technology. MINU$, which stands for Mobile Intelligent Network Utilization System, knows to what networks you’re able to connect and how to route your call in the most cost effective manner. Tubaloo routes calls over 3G and Wi-Fi data networks via its own VoIP network, if using Tubaloo’s network is your cheapest available option. But you may never know the difference. During alpha testing of the sound quality in intercontinental long distance calls, Tubaloo’s VoIP service was often better than using telco voice networks – but a heck of a lot cheaper!

To begin using Tubaloo you need to set up your account, which you can do when you first run the Tubaloo app. Tubaloo charges low rates for your long distance and international calls. To try it out, Tubaloo is giving you $1.00 in credit to start making calls. From the United States, that’s about 20 minutes to Buenos Aires, 22 minutes to Bangalore, 26 minutes to Brussels or 50 minutes to Beijing.

How do Tubaloo’s rates compare to your wireless carrier’s? Even with a discounted international calling plan, $1.00 would limit your call to just three minutes to Bangalore, Brussels or Buenos Aires, and only seven minutes to China. And without such a discounted plan, $1.00 lasts only seconds.

When you create your account Tubaloo assigns you a Tubaloo phone number unique to its system. Whenever you call a Tubaloo number from your Tubaloo-enabled Android phone, that call is free. That’s right, calls between Tubaloo users are always free!

Log into the Tubaloo portal at www.tubaloo.com to find a host of features that enhance your service. Check your call logs, manage your contacts, check your free Tubaloo voice mail or use the cost calculator to find out just how much calls will cost.

If you have an unlocked Android phone, you may never need to use a telco voice network again. In fact, Tubaloo has several unlocked test phones in the field around the world working just like regular phones but with one important exception – no SIM card.


Tubaloo’s private beta is available by invite only. A limited number of people can use the invite code “tubaloo1” to download and start using Tubaloo right now.

Go to http://m.tubaloo.com and enter the code tubaloo1.

  • Once the code is accepted the free Tubaloo application (tubaloo.apk) will download
  • Click on the application and it will walk you through the typical Android installation process
  • After installation, open the application and it guide you in setting up your Tubaloo account
  • After the account is created, the application is used merely for setting preferences (such as placing calls over 3G or Wi-Fi, or using the inbound call back feature). It’s really just a few checkboxes and you’re off and running.
  • Once installed, start making calls the way you always have, using the Android dialer.

Tubaloo is also providing invite codes to readers of Android blogs. Visit your favorite Android blog and see if they have invite codes. If they don’t, have them contact Tubaloo and we’ll set them up quickly. If they ran out, be patient, more will be coming soon.

Additional invitations are also available at PhoneDog.com. Check the Tubaloo blog for more information about where invites are available.

As part of the beta test, Tubaloo is collecting feedback from users, suggestions for new features as well as discussing known issues at a public online forum located at http://groups.google.com/group/tubaloo/.

About Tubaloo:
With smartphones gaining popularity around the world, communications again stands on the brink of a technology revolution. By leveraging the capabilities inherent in most smartphones, Tubaloo is ushering in an era where voice and text combine with location-awareness, high speed data networking, mobile commerce and mobile advertising into a singular, high-powered and compelling communications and information service. Tubaloo’s near-term aim is to make mobile telephony free to anyone. Based on its own open-source operating system and focused primarily on platforms such as Android and Symbian, Tubaloo makes smartphones a lot smarter. Tubaloo was founded in 2005 and has operations in Portland, Ore. and Santiago, Chile.


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