Dynamic Card Solutions’ CardWizard Perso-to-Go Instant Issue Mobile Payments Platform Now Supports Tyfone’s SideTap MicroSD Secure Memory Card

Financial Institutions Can Instantly Personalize Mobile Payment Form Factor at the Branch Level


Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), recently acquired by Datacard Group, today announced that it’s mobile payments personalization platform—CardWizard® Perso-to-Go™—has qualified Tyfone’s latest SideTap MicroSD secure memory card for mobile phone-based near-field communications (NFC) payments.

The CardWizard Perso-to-Go platform personalizes—at the branch level or back office—cardholder information onto the chip embedded in Tyfone’s patented MicroSD secure memory card. Tyfone’s MicroSD card can then operate in any standard memory card slot within mobile phones, across all operating systems. No over-the-air (OTA) personalization is required, and CardWizard Perso-to-Go provides instant activation capabilities so the device can be immediately used for contactless point-of-sale purchases, including open-loop channels or closed-loop retail applications.

“Tyfone’s strategy has always been to offer a secure mobile financial services platform that provides financial institutions, transportation companies and retailers the services that enables them to succeed in the market,” said Siva Narendra, chief technology officer and co-founder of Tyfone. “CardWizard Perso-to-Go’s ability to instantly personalize our secure MicroSD memory card does just that. Organizations that can conveniently capitalize on the latest contactless technologies and alternative payment options, such as the mobile phone, differentiate themselves in the marketplace.”

The CardWizard Perso-to-Go platform can securely personalize any NFC payment form factor at the branch level. This includes embedded NFC chips in mobile phones, various contactless stickers, key fobs, and MicroSD cards. The technology meets worldwide security requirements for both EMV and MSD contactless specifications and complies fully with all Visa® and MasterCard® security recommendations.

“Delivering payment convenience for customers will ultimately lead to increased spending, and the mobile phone represents significant potential revenue to card issuers who want to leverage them as payment devices,” said Ron Zanotti, senior vice president of financial instant issuance for Datacard. “With CardWizard Perso-to-Go, issuers can easily compliment their card issuance and mobile banking programs in a safe and secure way. Financial institutions who can personalize MicroSD cards at the branch will have direct control over the personalization process, provide better security of the cardholder’s information, and enhance consumer convenience.”

Tyfone’s MicroSD secure memory card and the CardWizard Perso-to-Go mobile payments platform will be on display in booth #935 at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference, October 19 – 24 in Las Vegas, NV.

About Datacard Group
Datacard Group is building on a 40-year heritage of innovation and customer success. Our portfolio of solutions, backed by expert service and support, enable card and secure ID programs for financial, government and other markets worldwide. With an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction, Datacard remains the industry’s leading brand of secure ID and card personalization solutions. www.datacard.com

About Dynamic Card Solutions
Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), recently acquired by Datacard Group, is the leading provider of instant issuance and PIN selection solutions for banks, credit unions and retailers that issue EMV, contactless and magnetic stripe cards. With more than 550 financial institution customers supporting thousands of active branches, DCS is the leading instant issuance provider for Visa® and MasterCard® debit cards worldwide. For additional information, call +1 303.754.2000 or visit the Dynamic Card Solutions Web site at www.instantissuance.com.

About Tyfone
Tyfone is an infrastructure player in mobile financial services. Tyfone’s unified platform assists
banks in providing an independent, branded solution for mobile banking, mobile contactless payments, mobile identity management, mobility retail and loyalty, and Merchant Relationship Management services to leverage all assets of any financial institution. Founded in 2004, the company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and has a team of development professionals in Bangalore, India, and an office in Taiwan. For additional information, visit www.tyfone.com.

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