Tyfone to Keynote at Polaris Technology Conference

Managing Director Shares Expertise on Mobile Money


Polaris Software, a leading Financial Technology company, today announced the first-ever Polaris Technology Conference, being held in Chennai, India where Prabhakar Tadepalli, Managing Director for Asia Pacific and Co-Founder of Tyfone will deliver the keynote address on November 20, 2010. Tyfone, as a leading global provider of mobile banking and mobile contactless payment solutions, will provide insights on the future trends affecting the banking industry and how they are gearing up for it.

Tyfone’s comprehensive approach to mobile money allows organizations to communicate with their customers on any mobile phone, running any operating system over any network. Banks and credit unions worldwide can benefit from using Tyfone solutions and leverage mobility to better serve their customers.

Polaris has continually built expertise and delivered efficiency in the BFSI segment for over 25 years, through the use of innovative and contemporary financial technology. As a mark of demonstrating Polaris’ commitment to continued Leadership in Financial Technology, the company has embarked on initiating “Polaris Technology Conference” on November 19 & 20, 2010. The two day event has been organized with the intent of highlighting the importance of Collaboration, Assimilation and Networking.

The event is designed to serve as a platform for sharing best practices and knowledge among young talent by bringing together external experts such as analysts, partners, key customers and academicians. In addition, the event will focus on presentation of White papers, Case studies, R&D and Value Expo showcasing the abundant talent and domain expertise prevailing in the organization. Tyfone, as a leading global provider of mobile banking and mobile contactless payment solutions, will provide insights on the future trends affecting the banking industry and how they are gearing up for it.

“Polaris has been an innovator and leader in the Financial Technology market for over two decades, with interest in the rapidly changing mobile banking sector,” said Shashi Mohan, Chief Technology Officer of Polaris Software Lab Ltd. “We invited Tyfone to speak about mobile money at our inaugural conference because they share our vision that mobility is inextricably linked with the future of banking and the paradigm shift it is embarked on; from a transaction based business to one that brings a value driven experience to the consumer.”

“Mobilizing is a strategic exercise for banks. Tyfone and its partners provide value driven insights and efficient implementation processes which will result in a reinvigoration of the bank’s customer base,” said Tyfone’s Tadepalli. “Banks that understand the strategic importance of the mobile device and the user experience it can offer must act quickly or risk losing customers to competitors.”

Tadepalli is a frequent keynote speaker, who presented Tyfone’s contactless microSD memory card-based solution for NFC-capable mobile phones at the Alternative NFC Mobile Payment Solutions Forum held in Taiwan this past September.

About Polaris Software Lab
Polaris Software Lab (POLS.BO) is a leading Financial Technology company, with its comprehensive portfolio of products, services and consulting. Polaris has a talent strength of over 10,000 solution architects, domain and technology experts. The company owns the largest set of Intellectual Properties in the form of a comprehensive product suite, IntellectTM Global Universal Banking (GUB) 10.0. IntellectTM is the first pure play SOA based application suite for Retail, Corporate, Investment banking and Insurance.

Polaris is headquartered in Chennai and has offices in all global financial hubs including Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Dubai, Bahrain, Riyadh, London, Belfast, Zurich, Frankfurt, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Fremont, Pittsburgh and Chile. For more information, please visit http://www.polarisFT.com/

About Tyfone
Founded in 2004, Tyfone’s corporate headquarters are in Portland, Oregon, and its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Bangalore, India. Tyfone connects money and mobility via a highly secure, scalable and flexible mobile financial services solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of consumers, financial institutions, mobile network operators, transportation companies, and retailers. Operating in any standard memory card slot, Tyfone’s u4ia® platform and its companion SideTap™ memory card is the world’s first patented, neutral and comprehensive memory card-based payments solution with for mobile contactless payments. Tyfone and its partners enable a suite of services including Mobile Banking, Mobile Identity Management, Mobile Remote Payments, Mobile Retail Services and Mobile Contactless Payments. For more information, please visit www.tyfone.com.

Some names and brands mentioned may be claimed as the property of others. u4ia, Tyfone, and SideTap are trademarks of Tyfone, Inc.

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