Tyfone Adds Renowned Cyber Security Expert to Its Advisory Board


Department of Defense Deputy Under Secretary for Intelligence and Security Reginald Hyde assumes predominant role as business advisor

Tyfone (www.tyfone.com), a mobile secure transaction and secure ID solutions provider, today announced that Reginald Hyde, recently retired deputy under secretary of defense for intelligence and security in the U.S. Department of Defense, has joined the company as a key member of its advisory board. In this role, Mr. Hyde will lend his extensive background and expertise in cyber security to help Tyfone further solidify its position in the rapidly growing security market, specifically mitigating cyber security and biometric vulnerabilities.

“Reginald Hyde has one of the most unique and extensive backgrounds in security and cyber security in the United States, and is taking on an important advisory role at Tyfone as we execute our aggressive vision to become the gold standard for next-generation cyber security solutions,” said Siva Narendra, CEO of Tyfone. “Reginald’s desire to join Tyfone’s advisory board is a strong indication of how far our technology has progressed, and the benefits both private industry and governments will derive from optimally ensuring security to keep passwords, payment and biometric ID information out of the hands of cybercriminals.”

As Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Mr. Hyde fulfilled a role for one of the most senior positions in intelligence and security within the U.S. government. During his career, he has strived to leverage commercial technologies to support the Intelligence Community. Mr. Hyde’s career included serving as a clandestine service operations officer in the CIA, where he also held a number of senior leadership and management positions including: chief of operations for the Directorate of Science and Technology; and director of central intelligence focal point for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

“No one can overstate the importance of mitigating cyber security; it is without question the next and most important frontier in protecting corporations, governments and individuals,” said Mr. Hyde. “In my career, I have had the opportunity to see a wide number of solutions, but Tyfone’s combination of local- and cloud-based security paradigm, in my opinion, holds the most promise in achieving the widest array of cyber security and mobile security goals across all devices, operating systems and industries. Tyfone understands the critical security issues facing people who use network-based and mobile technology, and through its Connected Smart Card technology and unparalleled patent portfolio has delivered to the market an innovative, scalable mechanism to protect against the current and future wave of security threats. Tyfone is shaking up the industry, and I look forward to helping the company in its path toward success.”

About Tyfone 

Tyfone is a pioneer in mobile security and transaction services for financial, government, B2B, healthcare, and other enterprises. It has more than 300 issued invention claims and has more than 90 issued and pending patents that enable ID and transaction security on any (mobile) device. Tyfone’s mobile apps, transaction software and Connected Smart Card (CSC) security hardware enable ID and transaction security on any mobile OS or device. The company’s mobile solution has processed over twenty million transactions and has helped transact over $300 million. Tyfone customers include two of the top 10 member-owned financial institutions (Credit Unions) in the U.S. and the company recently signed a strategic agreement with In-Q-Tel to bring Tyfone’s mobile security solutions to the U.S. Government. Tyfone has its corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon and its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India.”

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