Zanaware Launches Auto Backr Pro for Automated Backups of Multi-Vendor Headend Devices


Auto Backr Pro is a Comprehensive, Multi-Vendor Automated Backup Solution for Headend Devices Which Saves Time and Money

SOUTHGATE, MichiganMobilityWire® – March 17, 2011

Zanaware Technologies, Inc. ( today launched its Auto Backr Pro, a first-of-its-kind the solution which enables video service providers to automatically back up the configuration files and databases of multiple headend devices on a weekly or daily basis. Auto Backr Pro also incorporates a device database for tracking key statistics such as IP addresses, software versions, serial numbers hardware status and location.

“We have been overwhelmed with the incredible industry response to our ground-breaking Channel Lineup Pro and are following up with Auto Backr Pro as part of our mission to give video service providers the tools to simplify and streamline the maintenance of multi-device headends,” says Jay Cox, President of Zanaware. “Auto Backr Pro gives service providers the ability to restore huge config files in a matter of minutes versus hours without a backup, which can reduce – or even eliminate – disastrous channel downtime. Avoiding a single channel downtime event can pay for Auto Backr Pro 10 times over!”

While many headend devices – such as statistical remultiplexers, simulcast edge processors and switches – can back up their configuration, the process is always manual and often less than ideal. With up to 300 devices in a headend, very few headend technicians have the time to back up configurations and databases on a regular basis.

The need for regular backups is great in a multi-device headend. As with all high technology equipment, many headend devices experience configuration or database corruption – or completely fail. Additionally, service providers often need to roll back a device’s configuration while troubleshooting intermittent issues.

Auto Backr Pro ensures that headend technicians will always have the latest configuration files and databases handy in the event of failure. Since Auto Backr pro can hold many dated copies of each configuration, technicians can literally go back in time to any previous version.

Auto Backr Pro also has the ability to automatically send backups to an offsite FTP server for disaster recovery. Having an offsite backup helps guarantee an easier time recovering from unexpected headend events. Finally, Auto Backr Pro includes a basic hardware inventory database that lets operators track IP addresses, serial numbers, software versions, hardware status, RMA info and more. This database is fully compatible with Zanaware’s Channel Lineup Pro and can directly be integrated with it for single points of data entry.

Key features include:

  • Backs up hundreds of headend devices automatically once a week or daily without any intervention.
  • Special client software is never required on any headend device.
  • Works out-of-the-box with many of the most popular vendor switches, routers, statistical remultiplexers, edge processors, etc.
  • Already includes profiles for various devices from leading cable industry vendors.
  • Zanaware will work with any vendor interested in adding their own profiles to the list.
  • Generic profiles are also standard for many common access methods including remote/local FTP, remote/local TFTP, HTTP, Telnet, SNMP and script-based commands.
  • Color coded logs let you know which devices were successfully backed up.
  • All data can also be automatically forwarded to any remote FTP server for off-site disaster recovery storage.
  • All versions are stored for up to a year or more (configurable and also based on available drive space) for advanced versioning and file archiving, letting operators go back to any previous point in time.
  • All devices can be managed as inventory with flags such as Active, Warehouse, Out of Order and RMA with data fields for key info such as RMA numbers and notes.
  • Includes an easy to use centralized file depository for recovering old config files and databases.
  • An optional powerful Syslog Server and SNMP Alarm Trap Receiver lets you pull all logs & alarms from most devices into an easy-to-view Tab!!!
  • Auto Backr Pro is fully compatible with and can be integrated with Channel Lineup Pro for single points of data entry.
  • Auto Backr Pro uses solid state drive technology (designed to last decades without failure) for data storage.

Installation and Set-up Support

To help customers get up and running with Auto Backr Pro, Zanaware offers installation and onsite assistance to ensure the initial data entry is accomplished quickly and accurately. An expert engineer will visit each customer site, help audit devices and configure Auto Backr Pro.

About Zanaware
Zanaware’s intelligent and innovative products enable video service providers worldwide to tackle increasing network complexity. The company’s founders have more than 20 years of experience with both leading cable operators and cutting-edge equipment vendors, which uniquely positions Zanaware to address the complex needs of today’s networks. The company’s products are available worldwide through Zanaware’s reseller network including Mega Hertz in the U.S. and Capella in Canada. Zanaware is privately held and based in Southgate, Michigan. For more information, please visit or email Zanaware Sales at

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